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Forget Me Not

Please accept my humble obeisances
Thank you prabhus for all your time and efforts in enlightening us.
From the story of Srila Sukdev Goswami, we see that he did not want to come out of his mothers womb because he knew that once he did, he would be influenced by Mahamaya’s covering potency. We can also conclude that in the womb, the jiva is under yogamaya. Now for the benifit of the Jiva, it is Krishnas plan that he should forget his past life and activities. Just like how Yogamaya arranges many pastimes in the Spiritual world based on Krishna’s desire, Mahamaya has similarly taken the service of fulfilling Krishnas will in this Material world. In this case, the jiva going through pain and misery during birth is just an arrangement made by Mahamaya to fulfil Krishna’s desire. However, Krishnas desire is not dependent on these material arrangements.
The intelligence given for C-Section is just another way how Mahamaya covers the Jiva and keeps him away from Krishna. However she never fails to fulfil Krishna’s desire.

Your Servant

Vraja Mohana dasa

» Posted By vrajamohan On Jul 1, 2008 @ 5:16 pm

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