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The Prabhavisnu I Remember

Dear Madhavanandana Prabhu,
Your comment on BV Swami’s artincle shows your soft and big heart. But I wish BV Swami would not express any slight displeasure with Prabhavishnu’s last step, for
1. As the North American Indians say: Just walk a mile in my mocassins and you will give up chiding me formy acts.
2. We humans say only good or nothing about the departed.
3. After all, they were very close friends and shared meal, bread and room.

» Posted By vrajaprema On Jan 28, 2012 @ 9:37 am

Regarding Prabhavisnu Prabhu’s Resignation

Even within a public society kinda ISKCON, one real, foremost duty is to save one’s one soul. I remember a nice passage from MAHABHARATA where Krishna says to save a village one can sacrifice a person, to save a town one is empowered to sacrifice a village, to save a country a town can be sacrificed, and TO SAVE ONE’S SOUL ONE SHOULD SACRIFICE THIS WHOLE WORLD.
What wrong he did? Just abandoned the official part of his being. Cannot his disciples and followers contact him in this amplua? He did not give them up; he just placed himself in an environment, where he can be more human. If they cannot, then that is their fault.
I personally will and can never give up those whom I love.
When some guys say that he has been fallen in this battle, then leaving you best friend helpless, and making him more helpless by chiding for being shot……. This logic is not expected from those who are trusted human lives to and pose as elite in the spiritual sense. Spiritual elite means forgiveness, forgiveness, and forgiveness.
Just imaging if you were to be forgiven, when you expect forgiveness, but you are being slaughtered by your best friend. Is this spirituality? It might be logic for a society, but not a logic universal.

» Posted By vrajaprema On Feb 2, 2012 @ 7:07 am

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