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Television: The No. 1 Public Enemy of Devotion

hare krishna.

thanks for this good article.

i hope the author is the same named devotee who was listed elsewhere as head of congregational development. we need members to know how much non sense tv is.

first i suppose they have to be given something better.
which is in sanga and the books.

anyway the big thing i see is HOW BAD IT IS FOR KIDS.

i’m grihastha.

i should have never let a tv into our house.

anyone care to help me convince my wife [a very good devotee] how we need to phase out this one-eyed-guru i’d sure welcome it [].

appreciate the comment regarding letting strangers in ones house to play with the children.


» Posted By william duke On Dec 26, 2006 @ 3:42 am

What’s Really Going On?

good comment above from krishna dharma prabhu.

a good article sita pati prabhu.

a little hard to read the whole thing thru, but i did on second attempt.
worth the read.

“We should be constructing a decentralized, locally empowered culture based around Srila Prabhupada’s books and the knowledge contained within them. We should be digging in, learning the skills needed for self sufficiency and developing rural communities.”

i’d like to see a synopsis of some previous writing sita pati did titled ‘the network is the preacher’. his use of ‘decentralized’ in above quote reminded me of that multi segmented piece on his previous site.

it was quite interesting, but also a little of a difficult read [for me].

bill duke

» Posted By william duke On Dec 26, 2006 @ 3:53 am

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