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The debate over Srila Prabhupada’s rising sign

Dear Vaisnavas

Let us now look at the combinations in Srila Prabhupada’s chart from both lagnas .

For Capricorn the Mars Moon conjunction takes place in the 5th house . This is two quadrant lords in a trinal house which is very good . Uniting the trines and quadrants is said to be combining Lakshmi and Narayana.

For Sagittarius the Mars Moon conjnction takes place in the 6th house . This puts the 5th lord in the 6th which is not good and puts the 5th Lord with the 8th lord which is also not good . Thus Mars as 5th lord (the secondary house of dharma ) is not well situated.

For Capricorn the Mercury Venus conjunction takes place in the 9th house . Mercury is the exalted 9th lord of dharma so is already very strong and it is further boosted by the conjunction with the yogakaraka 5th and 10th Lord Venus.

For a Sagittarius Lagna the Mercury Venus conjunction takes place in the 10th house .
Mercury is exalted but Venus becomes the 6th and 11th Lord and so is a functionally malefic lord for Sagittarius . As a functional malefic it does not boost Mercury but hampers it or would push it in the direction of materiality .

The main objection proponents of the Sagittarius lagna have is with the Jupiter Ketu conjunction in the 8th house . Now Jupiter is closley conjunct Ketu whichever lagna is used but for a Capricorn Lagna Jupiter is 12th Lord of Moksha with Ketu which rules over moksha amongst the planets . Note also that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu also has His 12th Lord Moon closely conjunct Ketu.So you have these two planets ruling moksha together in the 8th house which is a moksha house. The result of this is that the spirituality indicated by the powerful 9th house is accompanied by material detachment .

Thus it is clear when one has a sound knowledge of the basics of astrology which chart gives a closer description of Srila Prabhupada.

Your Servant
Yadu Srestha

» Posted By yadusrestha On Jan 5, 2010 @ 4:46 am

And where does the Capricorn lagna chart show the pronounced spirituality of the acharya destined to change the world?

Well 9th Lord Mercury exalted in the 9th house of dharma with yogakaraka Venus is not a bad start

» Posted By yadusrestha On Jan 4, 2010 @ 9:03 am

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