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What an epic Krsna Conscious adventure – wish I was there. Prabhu’s, don’t you just love knowing devotees like these?

» Posted By yaduvendu das On Oct 15, 2007 @ 10:31 am

GBC-EC Statement and Report Regarding Balabhadra das (formerly Bhakti Balabha Puri Maharaja)

Dear Prabhu,
I wrote my previous comments hurriedly and noticed several mistakes, could you please replace it with the following. Thanks.

All devotees who take on the service of guru should understand that it is not they that are worshipable, but Krishna, who manifests through them (thus the distinction between vani and vapu). The Lord reclaims the fallen conditioned souls by means of sound vibration (Vedic knowledge) and the guru is considered to be synonymous with Krishna only when he repeats the same pure message without deviation.

A chunk of metal or rock has no significance before it is fashioned into the form of a murti. But as soon as it becomes representative of the Lord it becomes worshipable and it is the same with the guru. He is an ordinary living entity who becomes worshipable only when he is representative of the Lord and even then it is Krishna, assuming the form of the guru who is significant and not the jivatma. The jiva is vapu (physical form) and therefore, always insignificant.

In Vedic times a disciple would go to the home of the guru at four years of age and would stay there until he was twenty-five. Thus, he would feel very obligated to the guru for teaching him everything he knows. For us it’s not like that. We have obtained something like 25% of our knowledge from our parents, 25% from our education, 25% from our friends and contemporaries and 25% from 0ur spiritual master. The guru may be giving us the most important instructions, but still we DO NOT owe him everything.

Respect for the teacher is inherent in all Hindu traditions, whether he be teaching yoga, martial arts or dance. Even dacoits and prostitutes respect their teachers. So we have to keep a balance realizing that much of what we are told about the position of the guru is simply formality.

It is only illusion and the desire for sense gratification that causes a devotee to think that he has actually become a ‘divine grace’ and associate of the Lord. And, we have now witnessed this scenario many times: of gullible followers worshipping exploitative personalities, without learning important lessons.

ISKCON gurus generally need to move away from the idea that everything is about them and disciples should be trained to be less credulous. The problem is that objectivity in the guru-disciple relationship is not encouraged and this is the heart of the problem.

» Posted By yaduvendu das On Oct 6, 2007 @ 7:02 am

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