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Varnashrama and Harinam Sankirtan

“An intelligent and thoughtful book distributor should sincerely consider, understand, appreciate, and in due course apply this principle in practical life. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the whole affair? How can we deem our transcendental book distribution a complete success unless the “someones” become fully absorbed in relishing the vraja-bhävas as a result of having gained an attraction and greed for them by deeply imbibing the sästras’ essential message?

The “Someones” – Who? – The we “someones.” “Work now; samädhi later.” That’s all right. But what work – and how much later? How later does later have to be before later can be considered later enough? Later after some future God-knows how many births? Restoration of one’s constitutional topmost vraja-prema saturated quality of para-dukha-dukhi compassion toward others, following in the wake of the immaculate moods of the gopas and gopis of Vrndävana, and achievement of full-blown self realization in terms of the jiva’s highest potential are in effect one substance.”

Excerpt from Sripad Aindra Prabhus book; The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution.

» Posted By yudhistirdas On Aug 29, 2011 @ 3:14 pm

Akruranath Prabhu,

Some interesting quotation.

Paramhamsa Babaji: “In truth, the eternal nature of the soul is purely spiritual. The religion that describes the pure soul is the real eternal religion. All other religions are temporary. Varnasrama dharma, astanga yoga, sankhya and austerities are all temporary. If an individual spirit soul is not bound by maya there is no need for him to follow any of these paths. These temporary religions are meant only for souls bewildered by maya. All these religions are intended for certain specific circumstances. Therefore the truth is that they are all temporary.”

Jaiva Dharma Chapter 3

Vaishnava Dasa: ” One path is the path of karma-kanda, which begins with the duties of varnasrama. A second path is the path of jnana-kanda, which begins with speculative knowledge and renunciation. The third path is to stay among the devotees and have faith in the holy name of Lord Hari and the descriptions of Lord Hari. Sometimes these three paths are considered yogas. In this way they are called karma-yoga, jnana-yoga and bhakti-yoga. Some people practice these different yogas. Thus they are called karma-yogi or jnana-yogi. Among all these yogis, the bhakti-yogi is the best, for in bhakti yoga one attains limitless auspiciousness. At the end of the first six-chapter section of Bhagavad-gita (6-47) one may see the following conclusion:
“And of all yogis, he who abides in Me with great faith worshipping Me in transcendental
loving service, is most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all.”

Jaiva Dharma Chapter 6

Vaishnava Dasa: “Faith is part of the soul’s eternal nature. The duties of Varnasrama and other like duties arise when the soul’s temporary nature is manifested.
That is the conclusion of all the scriptures. In the Chandogya Upanisad (7.19.1) it is said:

“A person who has faith can understand. A person who has no faith cannot understand. A
person who has faith can understand. Therefore one should ask about faith.” ‘O master, I wish to know about faith.'”

Jaiva Dharma Chapter 6

» Posted By yudhistirdas On Aug 16, 2011 @ 3:08 pm

Vishaka Mataji,

Thank you for pointing it out. Sorry. As I was reading it I remembered this letter from Srila Prabhupada :-)

” just like in our ISKCON there are so many false things: “Prabhupada said this, Prabhupada said that”

SPL to Krsnadasa, 7 November 1972.

Thank you once again for the correction.

» Posted By yudhistirdas On Aug 12, 2011 @ 4:06 pm

Vishnujana Prabhu,

Thank you for your comment. We wish to present few comments to your post.

1. Yes, Srila Prabhupada did say that he completed only 50% work,but just on the basis of THAT 50% is the whole movement moving on. What was that 50%? To establish a global Sankirtan movement. Butt Srila Prabhupada did also say that if can’t develop what he has given us, we should at least maintain that, but we can observe that a good portion of the 50% he gave was not maintained.

The idea is that 50% (Sankirtan movement) would generate the sukriti and understanding for the people to recognize the ill effects of the ‘modern’ society. But how can we expect that to happen when we are not performing Harinam Sankirtan on the streets? For a major part, we don’t expect people to visit our temples (atleast in western countries), its our duty to go out on the streets.

Personally, I have seen people who became convinced of the philosophy about soul, giving up meat,etc but couldn’t take up the process because they didn’t have the sukriti. The easiest way is the congregational chanting of the maha mantra.

2. But your point brings up the obvious question, what do these books speak about? Chanting Hare Krishna. The book distribution is meant to philosophically convince the people to chant and dance. And Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur says, one of the reason preventing us from chanting Sudha Nama is Avidya, which can be removed by Jnana, knowledge. So book distribution is to convince us on taking Lord Chaitanya’s harinam sankirtan movement. Because that’s what Srila Prabhuada’s book speak about. His giving the highest to the lowest.

3. Sannyas in the Gaudiya sampradaya is not exactly verbatim the Varnashrama sannyas. Vaishanava Sannyas is actually much more esoteric than the normal. The sannyas mantra/gayatri is also known as the ‘Gopi-Bhava’ Mantra. H.H.Mahanidhi Swami’s ‘Gayatri Mahima Madhuri’ provides a good explanation to the Sannyas mantra:

Explaining sannyas mantra:

“The previous great sages have accepted and shown the path of sannyasa. I have now accepted that very form of life. Now, leaving everything aside, I shall run toward Vrndavana. There, taking the name of Mukunda, Krishna, I shall cross the ocean of nescience. Crossing this maya, I shall reach Vrndavana and fully enter the service of Krishna.”

» Posted By yudhistirdas On Aug 7, 2011 @ 8:33 am

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