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Please do not send us just one photo or even a video without a write-up of at least a paragraph explaining the content of the photos and/or video, demonstrating why they are noteworthy.

It is also Dandavats policy not to publish Vyasa Puja related reports. Although they are bona fide ISKCON events, unless there is something extraordinary about them, these numerous and regular occurrences do not constitute news items of general interest to the global community of vaishnavas in and of themselves.

Dandavats seeks to avoid becoming a diksa guru centric website, mirroring other websites of disciples who wish to glorify and appreciate their diksa guru. Those websites may be ideal for the respective disciples of any given diksa guru and we support that kind of sanga. Dandavats though seeks to be somewhat broader with its audience outreach, thus, although glorification of devotees in general is most welcome we would prefer that such glorification is not exclusive to the guru/disciple relationship.

When you send articles to Dandavats which also include more than two pictures and/or audio – video files, please do not send those pictures or media files directly to Dandavats. Rather please just send us a link to those pictures and/or media files and we will provide that link with your article. There are many free services on the web where you can upload them and have them published (, etc). We are sure you can appreciate that we only have a limited amount of bandwidth and we cannot host an unlimited amount of pictures and/or media files.

Also if you want us to publish a per-formatted article, meaning an article with a certain lay out, with pics, spaces, lists, several type characters and so on, like some newsletters we publish, the article concerned must be published somewhere on the web so that we can lift it’s code from there. Not that we have to design and layout the article ourselves. If this is not possible then the author of the article will have to be satisfied with a simple article lay out, with one or two pictures or with a teaser and a link pointing to the source or an embedded pdf.

Please note also that every author that writes to us to correct their posting or comment we oblige once but then let them know that if they send any subsequent article or comment that they later discover needs editing, we will not correct them unless there is a very compelling reason to do so. This is not only to ease our workload but also helps to encourage writers to triple check what they are posting before they click the send button…

Dandavats Posting Guidelines

Dandavats will only post articles and comments that are signed in the name of the author, no pet names or aliases will be accepted. Dandavats will however accept anonymous contributions but only if the author is known to the webmaster and editor. Then if the reason for anonymity is justified in the eyes of the editor the contribution will be posted.

Although we welcome comments on the site’s posts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we — or our readers — like to see comments reaching into thousands of words. Readers may be discouraged from commenting themselves (or reading comments at all) when they see very long entries left by others, and during times of high load, the significant performance overheads associated with retrieving and displaying long comments can slow even the speediest dedicated servers.

From the perspective of SEO (search engine optimization), very long comments also dilute the impact of the author’s original post by relegating it to a small proportion of the overall content available on the page. So we have limited the comments to 3000 characters.

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Where your article is likely to be found on dandavats once it has been approved for posting

Philosophical articles are generally published on the front page.

Newsletters and regular publications are generally posted on the message board section and are also visible on the home page as a link on the right sidebar and on the rolling bar at the top of the homepage

Announcements that have a commercial and monetary content will be posted on the message board section visible only as a link on the right sidebar.

Announcements about vaishnavas leaving their bodies are posted on our obituary section.

Articles of a personal nature will be posted on our blog-thoughts section.

Announcements about local temple festivities and events will be posted both on our message board and our rolling bar section at the top of the homepage.

Reports from local temple festivities and events will generally be posted on our message board and rolling bar at the top of the homepage.

These are our general guidelines but we retain the right to ultimately decide where to post each submission according to our evaluation. From time to time such a decision may not entirely fall in line with our stated guidelines.

If you somehow disagree with where we post your article you may write to us but please understand that we cannot enter into a long correspondence exchange with you on the matter. We will read what you write and from time to time that may influence our judgement but if it doesn’t then our original decision will stand.

The reason we do not publish everything on the front page is because we do not want it filled with announcements, advertisements and postings that are not of universal interest.

We understand the desire of every contributor to get maximum promotion of their respective services but if we publish everything on the front page then the site would become an unattractive “craiglist” and all postings would be soon buried in an uncoordinated way and difficult to have easy access to them.

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