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Dandavats Mission Statement

Dandavats is an independently managed web site dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and information related to Krishna conscious vision, activities and developments worldwide.

While endeavoring to be ISKCON – and GBC- friendly, does not officially speak for ISKCON or the GBC, but considers its independence to be of prime importance.

Dandavats will seek to respect all contributors equally and not promote or demote contributors based on social standing or any other such consideration. Rather, all contributions will be accepted on merit alone.

Dandavats Editorial Policy

The contributions on dandavats do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors.

Our desire is to promote the development of Krishna bhakti, to nurture well-informed thought, and to support sustainable bonds between devotees engaged in all varieties of services and social relationships.

Dandavats Posting Guidelines

We will endeavor to post articles, comments, ads, and notices as speedily as possible, but their posting will depend on both the volume of received submissions as well as the natural priority derived from the level of reader interest in any particular issue. It is also important that any comment you send must read and make sense on its own; you cannot expect that all readers will automatically know the article that you are referring to. So at all times ensure that your submission is complete in and of itself. We humbly (yet strongly) request that all submissions be carefully checked for spelling and understandability before they are sent, and that a distinctive title relevant to the submission be given. Articles submitted with generic titles like “article”, “comment” or “submission” will experience posting delays.

Dandavats will only post articles and comments that are signed in the name of the author, no pet names or aliases will be accepted. Dandavats will, however, accept anonymous contributions but only if the author is known to the webmaster and editor. Then if the reason for anonymity is justified in the eyes of the editor the contribution will be posted.

Finally if in an article you are using a “Prabhupada says” or a “Prabhupada said” please make sure that it is a verifiable quote. If the editors are not able to verify it then we will not be inclined to post it. That may result in the whole article not being posted.


Dandavats wishes to inform all concerned that all articles, comments and texts that appear on are copyrighted. Therefore they can only be reproduced with the prior written permission of the author and/or publisher.

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