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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

By the GBC

Conditions for Second-generation Diksa-gurus—2019 [Governing Law]. Whereas at the 2019 AGM, it was resolved that, under certain conditions, disciples can give initiation in the physical presence of their spiritual masters; Whereas this resolution called for the Guru Services Committee to develop a more detailed process of implementation; Resolved: That the responsibility of ensuring that all conditions for Second-generation Diksa-gurus as listed in resolution “701.2, Conditions for Second-generation Diksa-gurus —2019” of the 2019 Annual General Meeting,rests with the respective Local Area Councils nominating such candidates....

(0) Jan 5, 2020 -- 4,797 views
By Visakha Dasi

Boris Johnson: I was very sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of His Grace Srutidharma das, and wanted to write to convey my personal condolences to you and to everyone at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Srutidharma Prabhu was an inspirational leader who contributed a huge amount to the United Kingdom throughout his life. He was instrumental in preserving Bhaktivedanta Manor as a centre of worship for the UK's Hindu community, ensuring that this unique temple has flourished and contributed so much to our nation's spiritual life. As the temple's President for the last decade, he oversaw a range of ...

(0) Mar 23, 2020 -- 1,633 views
Hare KrishnaBy Visakha Dasi

Selfishness is closely related to the inability to hear, as our preoccupation with our self makes us deaf to another's voice. To overcome this, we can learn to consider all matters thoughtfully with due respect to our spouse’s point of view. This honest approach, which avoids manipulation and partiality to one’s own insights, facilitates finding a better conclusion than one person could have attained alone. It is unlikely that the best possible decision will be made if one person imposes his or her will on the other. After all, our will, our deep conviction of what is...

(0) Mar 23, 2020 -- 5,130 views
Hare KrishnaBy Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

"The word ‘envy’ is applied in many places and is used in connection to various things – envy of another’s good fortune, being disturbed at seeing the wealth of others, displeasure and jealousy etc. are some of the various examples. Wherever the word ‘matsarya’ (envy) has been explained in the Vaisnava scriptures, it is fully understood that its influence is the competitor of divine love (prema). dharmah projjhita-kaitavo ‘tra paramo nirmats...

(0) Mar 23, 2020 -- 3,934 views
Hare KrishnaBy Khonika Gope-Kumar

The seven subterranean planets, i.e. those are below the earthly plane (not to be confused with the earthly globe) known as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talātala, Mahātala, Rasātala and Pātāla (SB 5.24.7) are, in fact, more opulent than the Heavenly planets!!! In those subterranean heavens, known as bila-svarga, “there are very beautiful houses, gardens and places of sense enjoyment, which are even more opulent than those in the higher planets because the demons have a very high standard of sensual pleasure, wealth and influence”. (...

(0) Mar 23, 2020 -- 5,018 views
Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita Das

Though we are social creatures that need interaction with others in good spiritual association, the importance of being alone with one's thoughts or taking the time to reflect on life is crucial. Some people aren't comfortable being alone or don't know what to do with themselves or how to use the time other than to watch someone else living their dream on T.V or in a movie, or to sleep, play a game of solitaire, or lament they don't have a friend to be with, or somethi...

(1) Mar 22, 2020 -- 1,488 views
Hare KrishnaBy His Divine Grace Srila A.C.B. Swami Prabhupada

The first thing is that bhagavan uvaca. These things required for purification. Sattva-samsuddhih. The human life is meant for sattva. Sattva. Sattva means existence. We are existing. I am existing; you are existing. But we are sometimes appear to be not existing. That is called death. We, every living entity, we are eternal. That is stated in the Second Chapter, that ajo nityah sasvatah, na hanyate hanyamane sarire [Bg. 2.20]. These th...

(0) Mar 22, 2020 -- 2,595 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mukundamala Dasa

Discussions about the relationship between science and religion usually end in a stalemate: Scientists accuse religionists of relying too much on faith, which they say is experimentally unverifiable, while religionists accuse scientists of relying too much on physical and chemical laws, which they say fail to measure the emotions and sentiments of a conscious living entity. The scientists fail to address or even acknowledge consciousness and its attendant needs; rel...

(0) Mar 22, 2020 -- 3,578 views
Hare KrishnaBy His Divine Grace A.C.B. Swami Prabhupada

One who worships Krisha is clever. But one who worships maya is a pauper. Becoming a pauper one engages in temporary pastimes Without knowledge of the true relationships of things he simply becomes bound up in maya’s knot. Arjuna and Duryodhana both fought in the same war, But Arjuna was the best devotee and Duryodhana died. on one battlefield both dear and detestable One who is intelligent will be able to understand.

(0) Mar 21, 2020 -- 2,940 views
By Chirag Dangarwala

With the advancement of the ages, human consciousness had changed too. It is believed that today modern society has advanced far more than the ancient civilization. With more technology and equipments available at disposal, everything has become fast paced and instant. Material science has achieved a lot of progress than the yester years. This progress is thought of as an advancement in Civilization and is looked upon as a great achievement by the society

(0) Mar 21, 2020 -- 3,578 views
By Nitaisundara dasa

Everybody has found their way to the Internet; practically every belief, interest, desire, and product has some representation on the Web. It is therefore not surprising that Gaudiya Vaishnavas have also made their way into the online village. After all, with a spiritual aspiration culminating in a bucolic life, one would expect us to gravitate towards village settings, and in this case—for better or for worse—we have. The prospect of Gaudiya Vedanta circulating throughout the global village and thereby reaching people of every background is wonderful. Such an opportunity woul...

(1) Mar 21, 2020 -- 4,406 views
By Brahma Tirtha das

In the 1970s Srila Prabhupada spoke forcefully against the philosophical materialism which for some time has functioned as the dominant philosophy behind the sciences, and most other academic fields (1). Prabhupada insisted that consciousness and life itself could not be reduced to the unconscious mechanics of material objects and processes. As a direct result of this teaching that “life comes from life” and not from dead matter, the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies (BIHS) was formed to engage devoted scientists in the task of rationally demonstrating that materialism does ...

(0) Mar 20, 2020 -- 664 views
Hare KrishnaBy Radhanath Swami

Shivananda Sen, he was taking all the 200-300 devotees from Bengal to Puri. They were walking so many days. And a little dog just started following. And that dog… he wasn’t a kind of pedigree, beautiful kind of dog. He was just the kind of dogs that you find in the streets of India. He followed. He followed. And Shivananda Sen just saw with such compassion – “If this spirit soul in this dog, if he sees Lord Chaitanya, how much he will benefit! I must serve him nicely.”

(0) Mar 20, 2020 -- 2,975 views
Hare KrishnaBy Tamohara dasa

I have seen time and again how devotees who have undergone brahmacari training, and who later take up the reins of householder life, enter the workplace with skills far above those of the average man or woman. It is not that the skills and mentality of the devotional training have no value in the work theatre. On the contrary, the training as given by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada raises the devotee to a level above that of others. The first thing that a brahmacari must do is exercise self-discipline, as according to the Iskco...

(2) Mar 20, 2020 -- 8,821 views
By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur

We are opposed to the atheists alone who live and enjoy for themselves. Those who are anxious for the blessing of God are our brothers in faith, whatever error there may be in their ideas and forms of worship. Love of God, however misdirected it may be, does by force of its own natural strength, rise higher and higher in the scale of spiritual progress. Its want is the degradation of the soul alone. Those who do not love God have an opposite course from us and are obje...

(1) Mar 20, 2020 -- 8,242 views
By Bhakti Chaitanya Swami

With the event of this pandemic calamity and Iskcon temples forced to close down it may be the time for devotees to think and find ways about how to maintain their Krishna consciousness and how to continue their preaching. Broadcasting regularly online and having other programs like japa together can surely be of great help to keep connected and share Krishna consciousness.

(0) Mar 19, 2020 -- 1,243 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sutapa Das

I recently connected with a childhood friend who also became a monk. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about, and lots in common. In his tradition, one of the monastic vows is to never touch money; and if he does, even by accident, he observes complete fasting for a day. Serious detachment. Admittedly, if I had adopted that vow I’d be dead and cremated by now – financial transactions seem a staple part of my daily life! But money is dangerous, and time and time again we see how it can attack the integrity of life. It’s so easy to sell out on principles and purpose...

(0) Mar 19, 2020 -- 3,557 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhakti Prabhava Swami

Srila Prabhupada recommends that we prepare ourselves for death by training our minds to constantly remember the Lord and His holy names. We should become capable of continuously remembering the Lord, even amidst the disturbances of a rapidly deteriorating body. Such training includes chanting the holy names in our minds, a practice that comes easily to one who has practiced attentive chanting throughout his or her life. In his purport to Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.18.4, Srila Prabhupada writes: By scientific adoption [of the process of de...

(0) Mar 19, 2020 -- 5,542 views
Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

Someone could question, “Why should Krishna listen to the prayers of a devotee? So many people are praying to Krishna; why should Krishna listen especially to a devotee? Is that not also partiality?” Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says that of all of Krishna’s qualities, the quality of being affectionate to His devotees, bhakta-vatsalya, is considered the supermost, the emperor that conquers over all the Lord’s other qualities and reconciles all contradict...

(0) Mar 19, 2020 -- 1,824 views
By Virabahu Dasa

As an institution representative of Krsna and the parampara, we have the duty and obligation to be an example of responsibility and caring concern for everyone. Thus, in the present context of the coronavirus pandemic, we must strictly take all recommended precautions and strictly follow all official indications.

(1) Mar 18, 2020 -- 984 views
By Srimati Dasi

His words hit me like Indra’s thunderbolt and sent my mind and heart reeling. They haunted me throughout the week and into a new month. So powerful! A not so gentle reminder that diksa is bound by space and time, but siksa is not! Srila Prabhupada said, Real thing is bhakti. What you can offer to Krsna? Everything belongs to Krsna. What you have got? What is your value? And what is the value of your things? It is nothing. Therefore real thing is bhaktya; real thing is your FEELING. "Krsna, kindly take it. I have no qualification. I am most rotten, fallen, but [weeps] I have brought t...

(0) Mar 18, 2020 -- 722 views
Hare KrishnaBy Venu Gopal Das

The consciousness of the gopis is exemplary.The entire day they think of how to serve Krishna. Their minds are not focused on material desires or selfish delusions. When they meet amongst each other, instead of going on about themselves, they constantly glorify the Lord and teach His message without discrimination. These are indicators of those who have surrendered themselves to God. Their actions, thoughts and words are never independent of the Lord.

(0) Mar 18, 2020 -- 2,247 views

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