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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Ratha Yatra at Prague, Czech Republic (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: If we simply place ourselves at the lotus feet of Kr......

Jun 17, 2019 -- 39 views

GOD ON TRIAL SHOWDOWN (27 min video)
Atheistic Scientists challenge God to show up in court or face charges of non-existence. (This video was shot in 1997 & 2000 on Standard Definition equipment.)

Jun 17, 2019 -- 645 views

“Can Lord Chaitanya wear a peacock feather?”
Jananivas: In 1973 we had just completed the lotus building in Mayapur. I went to Prabhupada’s room and asked him,

Jun 17, 2019 -- 917 views

My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past misdeeds and offering You respectful obeisances with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for liberation, for it has become his rightful claim.
Śrīla Śrīdhara Svāmī explains in his commentary that just as a legitimate son has to simply remain alive to gain an inheritance from his father, one who simply remains alive in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, following th...

Jun 17, 2019 -- 488 views

When Stephen Colbert would “go to the Hare Krishnas and listen to the Bhagavad Gita in order to get the chickpeas-salad” (1 min video)
Stephen Colbert talks about when he used to go to a Hare Krishna temple to save money on food when he was a struggling Northwestern University acting student in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Michael Shannon is also in the clip.

Jun 17, 2019 -- 1,270 views

Pushpa Abhishek 2019 (Album of 86 HR photos)
New Govardhana San Diego, June 16, 2019
Srila Prabhupada: If with the arrow of chanting the holy name of the Lord one pierces Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet, by dint of performing this heroic activity of devotional service on receives the benefit of returning home, back to Godhead. (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 7.15.42 Purport)

Jun 17, 2019 -- 88 views

A rare view of Bhaktivedanta Manor completely deserted due to the Rathayatra festival in London (Album of photos)

Jun 16, 2019 -- 255 views

HG Kunti Devi Dasi, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and known Iskcon pioneer left this world.
Karnamrita Dasi (her daughter, shown in the little square photo with her mother): She left at 9:40am, she had said the evening before, just as we were ready to go to sleep, “The train is coming, I’m getting on” I thought there were no meanings to her words. And then the next morning my sweet friend Molly Ananga Manjari Martin who was helping with my mother’s needs, let me know that her loud death rattle had stopped and to come immediate...

Jun 16, 2019 -- 585 views

The Festival of India (Ratha-yatra) in Connecticut (30 min. video)
Srila Prabhupada: The devotee’s life’s mission is to please Krishna, and he can sacrifice everything for Krishna’s satisfaction, just as Arjuna did in the Battle of Kurukshetra. The process is very simple: one can devote himself in his occupation and engage at the same time in chanting Hare Krishna. Such transcendental chanting attracts the devotee to the Personality of Godhead. (Bhagavad-gita 12.6-7 Purport)

Jun 15, 2019 -- 101 views

Big Rathayatra in Florence, Italy (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is described as maha-vadanya, th......

Jun 15, 2019 -- 323 views

When you have Kurma, the chef as your husband and it’s your birthday! (Album of photos)
Kurma: Birthday Prasadam. Here’s some up-close and personal darshan of (my wife) Dhira Lalita’s Birthday prasadam. It featured food from all the 5 major food groups - chocolate, sugar, cream, butter, and strawberries. Thank the Lord that birthdays come only once a year.
A big thanks to our neighbors Bhakta Terence and Bhaktin Niamh for hosting us. ...

Jun 15, 2019 -- 198 views

Remembering Aindra Prabhu (video)
Braja Bihari das and his wife Ananda Vrndavanesvari share some memories of Aindra Prabhu fol......

Jun 14, 2019 -- 122 views

Work on the Main Dome of the TOVP is almost complete! (Album of photos)
Sadbhuja Das: In the photos you will see blue tiling h......

Jun 14, 2019 -- 155 views

Fan The Spark (video)
Srimad Bhagavatam class by HG Vaisesika prabhu at Bhakti Center of New York, June 12th, 2019.

Jun 13, 2019 -- 100 views

New Updates from
the Bhaktivedanta Archives

Jun 13, 2019 -- 169 views

Devotees participating in NewYork Rathayatra (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: My Lord, the moving entities who have heard Y......

Jun 13, 2019 -- 202 views

Srila Prabhupada Katha by HG Rukmini Mataji at ISKCON Chowpatty (video)

Jun 13, 2019 -- 87 views

Ratha-yatra Rijeka, Croatia 2019 (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: This Krishna consciousness movement insists that everyone......

Jun 12, 2019 -- 135 views