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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Alachua Temple distributed 55 Bhagavatam sets on the occasion of Bhadra Purnima! (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: If the su......

Sep 15, 2019 -- 384 views

First yoga/kirtan program ever held in Lebanon!
At the first yoga/kirtan program ever held in Lebanon, the Arabic-speaking attendees all seemed to be reaching out for Srila Prabhupada’s Arabic books with an intense hunger. One woman could be seen hugging our translator mataji with tears in her eyes. Our Arabic translation coordinator, Premadhan Prabhu, stood with the books resting in his open palms as everyone grabbed for them while giving nice donations. He said that the happiness he felt from this experience was unlike anything he encountered b...

Sep 15, 2019 -- 432 views

Srila Prabhupada’s Pushpa Samadhi in Mayapur Kalash Abhishek (2 min. video)
The new, shining Kalash is finished, installed and looks beautiful!

Sep 14, 2019 -- 1,047 views

Prasadam preparation for the Russian Sadhu Sanga Festival (Album of photos)
Bhakti Chaitanya Swami: About 5500 devotees assem......

Sep 14, 2019 -- 883 views

Bhadra Purnima 2019 (Album of photos)
ISKCON of Connecticut: Multiple Bhagavatam sets were welcomed by devotees from all over ......

Sep 14, 2019 -- 909 views

A tortoise joins the Harinama party! (Album of photos)
We chanted totally for 120 hours on the streets of the 20 cities of Rus......

Sep 14, 2019 -- 948 views

A fantastic Bhadra Purnima day distribution (Album of photos)
Shastrakrit Das: Many Bhagavatam sets went out, but those who refused the full set, we left them with First Canto & 10th canto ( Krishna book) of The Bhagavatam.

Sep 14, 2019 -- 877 views

The Habit Trap.
Dhirasanta Das Goswami: A village was once attacked by wild boars.
Every day the wild boars would enter to rampage the food supplies of the village. The villagers tried various means to fight and chase away the wild boars but without much success.

Sep 13, 2019 -- 1,239 views

Why did Krishna not save the Pandavas when they played dice with Duryodhana & Shakuni?
Wonderful explanation given by Krishna Himself:
From his childhood, Uddhava had been with Krishna, driving His chariot and serving Him in many ways. He never asked for any wish or boon from Sri Krishna. When Krishna was at the verge of completing that particular Avatar lila, he called Uddhava and said,‘Dear Uddhava, in this avatar of mine, many people have asked and received boons from me; but you never asked for anything from Me.
Why don’t ...

Sep 13, 2019 -- 1,116 views

So you want a happy life? Here is Bhismadeva’s advice: Maha­raja Yudhi­sthira inquired, “How should one act so that he can very easily pass his journey through life?”
In reply, Bhishma advised, “My dear King, a person who wants to avoid putting himself into great difficulty should carefully avoid performing three acts with his body- the killing of other living entities, stealing, and the enjoyment of others’ wives.”

Sep 13, 2019 -- 1,271 views

“Afraid to Surrender” by HG Mahatma Prabhu - April 16, 2018 (4 min video)
If we are afraid of love - and surrender is another word for love - Krsna will bring into our lives the very things we fear will happen if we surrender. So what we fear will happen if we surrender then appears in our lives, because this is what we are focused on and this is what we expect will happen.

Sep 12, 2019 -- 968 views

By Sacinadana Swami
“I would believe only in a God that knew how to dance.” - Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
A few days ago, I went for a long walk with a very dear friend. We were so absorbed in our talks that we forgot the time. All of a sudden, we found ourselves surrounded by the pitch-black night.
A recent hurricane had torn off the branches of many timeworn trees and uprooted numerous others, leaving us an ominous path back home. Fortunately, my friend had a mobile phone with torchlight functio...

Sep 12, 2019 -- 661 views

Unconditional love.
BB Govinda Swami: We should be prepared to open ourselves up. We should be prepared to take down our guards. We should be prepared to dismantle our protective fences that we have around us. And we should say:
“I’m ready to serve You. So You just please do to me whatever is necessary so that I would serve You purely”.

Sep 12, 2019 -- 650 views

Krishna’s Fascination.
By Sacinandana Swami: Krishna is fascinated with the land and people of Vrindavan.
The Bhagavatam says (10.1.28): “The city and district of Mathura,” Vrindavan is part of that, “are very intimately connected with Krishna, for Lord Krishna lives there eternally.”Nityam sannihito harihi – He is there eternally.

Sep 11, 2019 -- 1,334 views

Monkey seva.
Sutapa Das: Govardhana is enchanting… and simultaneously educational. At every turn there is a lesson to learn. While pacing the peaceful perimeter path yesterday, a street vendor suddenly announced: “Monkey seva! Monkey seva!” It was an invitation to feed the mischief-making monkeys that had congregated. “Monkey seva is my thing” I thought, “I’ve been feeding this monkey-like mind for lifetimes!” Some nuts for our furry friends today, but the inner monkey has to diet. Walking a little furt...

Sep 11, 2019 -- 1,349 views

“I can only take money out from the bank”
I was distributing books in Melbourne and approached a young man wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I was showing him the Science of Self Realization and explaining the contents. ...

Sep 11, 2019 -- 1,399 views

The Russian Yatra Mega-Festival (Album of photos)
Indradyumna Swami: Over 5,000 devotees attended this year’s Sadhu Sanga Festival in Russia. The sheer volume of devotees and the prestigious presence of senior devotees made it a most memorable event. [ Photos by Kartamashi dasa ]

Sep 11, 2019 -- 1,497 views

H.G. Bhurijan Prabhu’s lecture in Vrindavan about the Appearance Of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (video)

Sep 11, 2019 -- 1,788 views