"Murari Gupta, the twenty-first branch of the tree of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. was a storehouse of love of Godhead. His great humility and meekness melted the heart of Lord Caitanya." - Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta Adi Lila 10.49



Sri Murari Gupta was a very intimate associate whose pastimes with Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu were steeped in the loving bond of their eternal relationship. As an incarnation of Hanuman, Murari Gupta is as dear to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as Hanuman is to Lord Ramacandra. He appeared in Sri Hatta, the hometown of Jagannatha Misra (father of Lord Caitanya) and Srivasa Pandita, but became a resident of Mayapur when he was a young boy. He was only a few years older than Lord Caitanya and a close neighbour so they shared many experiences while growing up. Born into a lineage of Ayurvedic doctor, Murari Gupta followed that profession, but because of his elevated spiritual potencies, he also cured the spiritual diseases of his patients along with their physical ailments. Murari Gupta also wrote the first biography on Gauranga Mahaprabhu named Sri Caitanya-carita.


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Devotees walking towards Sri Murari Gupta’s house amidst beautiful paddy fields during annual Navadvipa-Mandala Parikrama

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The current Temple was re-established in the year 1918.

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There is also a black Deity of four-armed Narayana that was found while excavating the land to build this Temple. This Deity dates back to Satya-yuga (three million years ago) and is therefore said to have also been worshipped by Murari Gupta.

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Transcendentalists and devotees during annual Navadvipa-Mandala Parikrama at Sri Murari Gupta house




When Sri Murari Gupta came to meet Lord Caitanya at Jagannatha Puri, while meeting devotees at Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya’s house, seeing Murari Gupta, Lord Caitanya remembered this pastime with him.


Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, "Previously I induced Murari Gupta again and again to be allured by Lord Krishna. I said to him, 'My dear Gupta, Lord Sri Krishna, Vrajendra-kumara, is the supreme sweetness. "'Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the origin of all incarnations and the source of everything. He is pure transcendental love itself, and He is the reservoir of all pleasure. "'Krishna is the reservoir of all transcendental qualities. He is like a mine of gems. He is expert at everything, very intelligent and sober, and He is the summit of all transcendental humors. "'His character is very sweet, and His pastimes are melodious. He is expert in intelligence, and thus He enjoys all His pastimes and mellows.'


"I then requested Murari Gupta, 'Worship Krishna and take shelter of Him. But for His service, nothing appeals to the mind.' "In this way, he heard from Me again and again. By My influence, his mind was a little converted. "Murari Gupta then replied, 'I am Your servant and Your order-carrier. I have no independent existence.'


"After this, Murari Gupta went home and spent the whole night thinking how he would have to give up the association of Raghunatha, Lord Ramacandra. Thus he was overwhelmed. "Murari Gupta then began to pray at the lotus feet of Lord Ramacandra. He prayed that death would come that night because it was not possible for him to give up the service of the lotus feet of Raghunatha. "Thus Murari Gupta cried the entire night. There was no rest for his mind; therefore he could not sleep but stayed awake the entire night.


"In the morning Murari Gupta came to see Me. Catching hold of My feet and crying, he submitted an appeal. "Murari Gupta said, 'I have sold my head unto the lotus feet of Raghunatha. I cannot withdraw my head, for that would give me too much pain. "'It is not possible for me to give up the service of Raghunatha's lotus feet. At the same time, if I do not do so I shall break Your order. What can I do?' "In this way Murari Gupta appealed to Me, saying, 'You are all-merciful, so kindly grant me this mercy: Let me die before You so that all my doubts will be finished.' "Hearing this, I became very happy. I then raised Murari Gupta and embraced him. "I said to him, 'All glories to you, Murari Gupta! Your method of worship is very firmly fixed - so much so that even upon My request your mind did not turn. "'The servitor must have love and affection for the lotus feet of the Lord exactly like this. Even if the Lord wants separation, a devotee cannot abandon the shelter of His lotus feet. "'Just to test your firm faith in your Lord, I requested you again and again to change your worship from Lord Ramacandra to Krishna.' "In this way, I congratulated Murari Gupta, saying, 'Indeed, you are the incarnation of Hanuman. Consequently you are the eternal servant of Lord Ramacandra. Why should you give up the worship of Lord Ramacandra and His lotus feet?'"


Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu continued, "I accept this Murari Gupta as My life and soul. When I hear of his humility, it perturbs My very life." - [Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta Madhya lila 15.137-157]



During the manifestation of His Maha-prakasa pastime at Srivasa Pandita’s house, Lord Caitanya told Murari Gupta, “Look at Me,” and revealed Himself as Lord Ramacandra along with Sita, Laksmana and Hanuman. Murari collapsed on the floor but Lord Caitanya continued, “Hey monkey! Did you forget how Ravana burnt your face and how you set his kingdom ablaze? I am that same worshipable Lord of yours. Arise Murari, you are dear to Me as My own life.” Regaining his senses, Murari asked Lord Caitanya for a boon that he always appear with the Lord in His pastimes as His servant.



More pastimes of Sri Murari Gupta

An expert physician by the name Murari Gupta could cure people of their disease of material existence. Along with so many other Vaishnavas, Advaita Acarya, Sen Sivananda, Jagannath Misra, Nilambar Cakravarti, he also appeared in Sylhet (currently in Bangladesh). [Caitanya Bhagavata Adi 2.35]


Srivas Pandit, Candrasekhara Acarya and Sri Murari Gupta Thakura were all from Sri Hatta. Murari Gupta came from there to live in Navadvipa, near the home of Jagannath Misra. He was a few years older than Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Murari Gupta, Kamalakanta, Sri Krishna Nanda, etc. all used to study together with Nimai Pandit. Nimai used to like a debate in disputations on logical fallacy but none could defeat him; rather he could defeat all of them put together. Finally being exasperated by his uncanny sharpness of intelligence, Murari Gupta would resort to slinging mood, until finally they were all pushing one another back and forth as they came to the Ganges to take their bath.


There arose such a hue and cry at the ghat that the ladies couldn't fill their water pots, the water having become so muddy. Neither the brahmanas could properly take their bath. In this way Sri Gaurasundara would play with His friends on the banks of the Ganges. [Caitanya Bhagavata Adi 8]


When they entered the school of Ganga Das Pandit, Nimai immediately became first in the class, having attained the highest marks. Then all of the other students were forced to accept defeat. Murari Gupta however would neither accept defeat, nor would he engage in local debate. Therefore Nimai became angry and told him; "You are a doctor; what is the use of you studying these subjects? Your business is to collect leaves and creepers to heal the sick. Grammatical science is very abstruse, you won't find anything in it to help you in dealing with mucus, bila and dyspepsia."


Hearing this challenge, Murari was pricked, and became angry within, but he didn't exhibit his anger. He simply gazed peacefully at Nimai. Nimai's divine form was so enchanting and the touch of his lotus soft hands so pacifying that no one became agitated by his dealings. At that time, Nimai had just began his studies in grammar. Therefore Murari began to discuss rhetoric with Him, but he still could not defeat him. Completely astonished, he thought to himself, "Is it possible that such scholarship is found in ordinary mortals? He must be some kind of divine personage. Not one student in Navadvipa has been able to defeat him in argument." In this way they used to sometimes argue together but they would go together in a friendly mood to take bath in mother Ganges.


When Mahaprabhu returned from Gaya and began to manifest symptoms of ecstatic love, Murari Gupta became intensely devoted to Him. When he saw Mahaprabhu crying in ecstatic love at the house of Suklambar Pandit he became struck with



Sri Murari Gupta used to worship Sri Sri Sita Ram. One day, Mahaprabhu suddenly arrived in Murari Gupta's house. Roaring in the mood of Varahadeva he picked up a water pot in His teeth, while Murari Gupta fell down on the floor to offer his dandavats, being dumbstruck with wonder at having seen this divine form. Then Mahaprabhu said; "Murari! Just sing some hymns in my praise." Then Murari recited some slokas at which Mahaprabhu became very happy and thus addressed him, "Murari! I am just speaking this truth to you. I am the essence of all scriptures. I have come to engage in Harinama Sankirtana Myself, as well as to induce others also to chant My Holy Names. I cannot tolerate malice towards my devotee. If someone tries to harm my devotee, even if he is my son I will tear off his head. The proof of this is Narakasur." After telling Murari so many secret things about Himself, Mahaprabhu returned home.


During the time when Mahaprabhu exhibited for 21 hours His transcendental existence as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He was calling His various devotees and bestowing various blessings to them. He next called Murari: "Murari! For so many days you couldn't recognize who I am? Just see My divine form." Then Murari saw Mahaprabhu as His most worshipable Deity, Lord Raghunatha, His body the colour of green grass. Sitting in the virasana, his legs folded beneath His body, and holding a great bow in His hand, Lakshman and Janaki were seated on each side of Him. In all directions the chiefs of the monkeys were reciting prayers and hymns. Then when he saw himself amongst those monkeys in his original form, he fainted straight away. Mahaprabhu called him: "Murari! Get up! Just see My divine form. Have you forgotten who set Ravana's Lanka on fire? It was you, Hanuman! Get up and gaze on the form of Laksmana, who is the very embodiment of your life. Offer your obeisances to that one for whose sadness you cried so much (Sita devi)."


Hearing Mahaprabhu's voice Murari regained his consciousness and seeing that form again he offered his dandavats again while crying in ecstatic love. Seeing this divine display of the Lord's infinite mercy towards Murari, the devotees filled the sky with the sounds of "Hari! Hari!"


One evening, Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu were sitting in the courtyard of Srivas Pandit when Murari Gupta arrived there. First he offered his obeisances to Mahaprabhu and then to Nityananda Prabhu.


Mahaprabhu told him: "Murari! You have made a mistake. You offered your obeisances in the opposite order."


Murari: "Prabhu! As you have inspired me, so I have done."


Mahaprabhu: "All right. Go home now and later you will be able to understand everything."


Murari Gupta went to his house and after having his meal, lay down to take rest. That night he saw a dream. In his dream he saw the chief of the Mahabhagavat; Lord Nityananda, his cloth tied up behind in the fashion of a wrestler, proceeding in front. Above his head was a great, many-headed serpent. In his hands were a plow and club. Nityananda Prabhu appeared just as Lord Balarama. Following behind, with a peacock feather on his head, was Sri Visvambhar. [Caitanya Bhagavata Madhya 20.14]


Lord Nityananda is none other than Haladhar, the manifestation of Anantadeva, and the greatest devotee. Now Murari could understand who is greater.


Mahaprabhu, smiling sweetly called him, "Murari! Now have you understood? If you breach proper conduct then how will it look?" Murari Gupta, in the depth of his dream began to call out "Nityananda! Nityananda!" with tears in his eyes. His wife then called out "Krishna! Krishna!" and woke him up. Murari Gupta could understand the greatness of Nityananda Prabhu's position now. It is he who reveals Lord Gauranga. Without his mercy one cannot get the mercy of Lord Caitanya.


On another day, Murari Gupta came to Srivas's courtyard and saw Mahaprabhu seated very regally on a decorated sitting place, being served by his various devotees. Gadadhar was offering pan and betel nuts which Mahaprabhu was chewing very happily, while Narahari was fanning Him with a camara. Murari Gupta offered his obeisances and Prabhu offered him some of the remnants of the chewed betel. Murari placed the betel in his mouth and then wiped his hand on his head. Mahaprabhu told him: "Murari! My offal has touched your body!" Murari replied, "Today my entire body has become purified." The prasadam of the Lord is completely nonmaterial. His self, His name, His prasadam, all are not different. If anyone thinks that His prasadam has become offal, by being in contact with His mouth then this is a great aparadh. The mouths of ordinary human beings are considered unclean but this doesn't apply to the supremely pure Personality of Godhead.


Having received the tambula (pan and betel) prasadam of Mahaprabhu, Murari became intoxicated with love of Godhead and arrived at his house in this condition. His devoted wife, seeing that her husband had returned home, spread an asana and having seated him, she brought a plate of prasadam and placed it before him. Murari, who was still in an ecstatic mood, was forming the rice in his hand into balls and saying "Eat! Eat!" He was then placing it on the ground. His wife could understand what was going on and thus she requested her husband, "Swamin! That is enough, don't give (Him) anymore, now you eat something."


Thereafter Murari, still under the influence of ecstatic love, ate a little and then lay down to take rest. In the morning Mahaprabhu came to Murari's house and began to call him. Murari called out, "Krishna! Krishna!" and quickly got up from bed. Coming to the door he saw Caitanya Mahaprabhu and thus offered his obeisances and inquired what had brought the Lord to his house so early in the morning. Mahaprabhu replied; "Murari! You forgot already? Last night, all the while saying "Eat! Eat!" you fed Me so much rice with ghee. If you offer me, then how can I refuse? But eating rice with so much ghee I have gotten

indigestion. Now give me some medicine." Hearing this, Murari felt very sorry, but Mahaprabhu immediately told him, "Murari! By eating your nice rice I got indigestion, the medicine for that is your water." [Caitanya Bhagavata Madhya 20.69]


Then seeing a lota (pot) of water which was sitting there, Mahaprabhu began to drink it up. Seeing this Murari exclaimed, "Prabhu! I am a fallen, low class person. The water in my house is not fit for You." (Generally at that time brahmanas would not accept water or foodstuffs from the houses of non-brahmanas).


The Lord is known as bhakta-vatsala, who is very affectionate to His devotees. He accepts foodstuffs in the house of His devotee, and submissive to their love for Him, He is happy to remain in whatever condition they keep Him. Whatever they feed Him, He accepts very happily. Whatever they like, He likes. In this way the Lord enacted so many pastimes with His dear devotee, Hanuman (or Garuda, according to others' opinion).


One day Murari Gupta began to reflect, "If I can leave my body in the Lord's presence then that will be very good." For this purpose he fashioned a large dagger and hid it in his house. But the supreme Lord Sri Caitanya, who is totally omniscient immediately came to his house and called, "Murari!, I have so many pastimes to complete in your company. If you go away then how will I go on? I know everything."


Murari caught hold of the Lord's feet and began to cry. Thereafter Mahaprabhu consoled him and after explaining to him many things He returned to His own house. Murari Gupta was present with the Lord during all of his pastimes in Navadvipa.



Directions to reach Sri Murari Gupta’s house:

#1) Going down the Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Marg, about 3kms from ISKCON Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Temple, past Yogapitha (birthplace of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu), take the second road on the right past Sridham Mayapur Post Office. Proceed down this road going through local village. After approx. 5mins (by rickshaw) you will come to the end of the village and see cultivated fields on the left and a wall and iron gate on the right. This is the house. Darshan times are 3pm to 8pm. It is possible to get darshan at other times. If the gate is locked, try calling out.


#2) Sri Murari Gupta’s house is a stopover during Navadvipa-Mandala Parikrama which is organized every year about 10 days before Gaura-Purnima Festival at Sridham Mayapur. One can visit this transcendental house by attending Navadvipa-Mandala Parikrama.


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