@1981: GBC RESOLUTIONS 1981.


MARCH 6, 1981.


That the officers for Caitanya ERA 495, 1981-82

are as follows :-


        1. Chairman       - Srila Bhavananda Goswami.

        2. Vice-Chairman  - Srila Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami.

        3. Secretary      - H.H. Panca Dravida Swami.


MARCH 8,1981.


1. That the Privilege Committee shall have included annually to its membership as ex-officio members (members due to holding on official post) the immediate past chairman of the GBC. As new officers are elected those appointed shall change.

2. That the GBC reconfirms by a 2/3 majority that the standing committee of initiating spiritual masters

(initiating Acharyas)shall continue to function as usual and recommend to the GBC names of potential persons for initiating status. (This does not necessary have to be printed publicly)

3.That the initiating Acharyas standing committee shall recommend to the GBC names of devotees for consideration for appointment as now initiating Guru's in ISKCON. A 2/3rds vote of committee members present shall be required dor this recommendation. This amends the previous rule.

4. The meeting was adjournedd at 5:30 pm.


MARCH 9,1981.


No business was enacted.


MARCH 11,1981.


Provisional Order:-


1. The governig body commission in over-whelming joy and appreciation acknowleges the advent of the first un abridged hardbound Chinese Bhagavad-Gita As It Is by His Divene Grace Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, published by BBT

through the agency of His Divine Grace Tamal Krsna Goswami.This ia great "milestone" in Vaisnava history fulfilling desires of Srila Prabhupada and previous Acharyas. Glories to "Brihat Mrdanga Sankirtana".


Provisional Order:-


2. The Governing Body commission extends a special "vote of thanks" in gratitude to the out-going Chairman, His Divine Grace Srila Bhagavan Goswami for his untiring dedicated service to the GBC and ISKCON as chairman of the GBC 1980-81.


Procedural Order:-


3. To change the normal order and instead of first considering zones, that the resolutions of the Acharya standing committee be considered first.


Provisional Order:-


4. That the paper presented by the initiating spiritual masters "the descending process of selecting a spiritual master" is accepted (as it stands with corections.)


Provisional Order:-


5.That the paper "the sescending process of selecting a spiritual master" shall be proveded to the society as a statement of the governing body commission on the matter of the selection of initiating spiritual masters within ISKCON.




6. That if an initiated Brahmana or sannyasi frequently falls down or goes away for a prolonged time from the Krishna Consciousness Movement but later returns, the following procedure is to be followed:

             Brahmana: The Brahmanas should take off his thread and first prove himself steady and first prove himself according to the judgement of the spiritual master,or his representative, before he can be restored to his brahmana status.

             Sannyasi: A sannyasi should come back wearing a dhoti other than a sannyasa dhoti , and he later also may be re-instated.

             Exactly when these procedures should be used will have to be judged according to individual circumstances.




7. That all initiating Gurus agree to only request a disciple to leave a particular temple when it is deemed by the Guru that it is a matter of "spiritual life and death" for the disciple. Areas of such extreme concern would be; having the disciples exposed to direct blasphemy regularly, inability of the disciple to follow the four regulative principles, etc.

This would be done after consulting with the local GBC member.




8. That by unanimous decision the governing body commission

resolves there shall be separate special guru-puja for Srila Prabhupada in temple.


Amendment to ISKCON Laws.


9. That the proposal 4 of "rules of conduct" of the laws of ISKCON regarding the specific method of chanting the

prema dhvani prayers shall be deleted, except the "ISKCON Founder-Acharya A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ki jaya"

that shall be retained, chanted before chanting "Namacharya

Srila Haridas Thakur ki jaya".




10. That the governing body commission shall delegate to the Acharya standing committee the following additional responsibilities:

 1. To hold discussions and make proposed mutual policies for how the ISKCON Acharyas can further the GBC and Srila Prabhupada's desire and see to the fulfillment of Prabhupada's will.

 2. To formulate proposed policies and standards of action

amongst the ISKCON initiating Acharyas by which guidelines, the faith, integrity, and respect of the disciples and the devotees of ISKCON towards the Guru Parampara (ISKCON Acharyas) will be maintained at the highest level.

 3. To tender recommendations to the governing body commission when reqired on issues affecting the disciple-guru relationship and the preserrvation of the Guru-Parampara.

 4. To attempt to avoid the possibilitty of any discrepancy or misunderstanding amongst the Acharyas through isthagosthi.

 5. To meet once a year at Gaura Purnima meeting time,or when a GBC officers' committee calls the entire committee to meet.

 6. To keep the proceedings of the Acharya standing committee confidential, except recommendations to the GBC or the GBC officers' committee.


ISKCON Law (amendment to): [to law #1, meeting #7 of 27.3.78]


11. That a GBC committee will be formed, consisting of the GBC members who are initiating Gurus. They have the power to nominate new initiating gurus, by consensus.

    Any nomination shall be forwarded to the governing body commission for their confirmation.


Provisional Order:


12. That Gopal Krishna Dasa and Madan Manohar Dasa be allowed to take Sannyas this year as an exception to the sannyas moratorium order.




13. That Srila Prabhupada's original grass (bhajan kutir)

at Sri Mayapur shall be a Bhaktivedanta Swami memorial shrine.




14. That ISKCON Food Relief send out a semi-annual statement to all GBC members of monthly income and extense.


Provisional Order.


15. That 1981-82 (495 Gourabda Ag.) shall be ISKCON Food Relief year. All temples shall clear up all past dues and contribute timely.


MARCH 12,1981.


GBC Rule.


1. That the following procedure shall be observed in proposing a GBC man's zone be changed or a co-GBC be added:

 1) The GBC member affected shall be requested for his approval on the proposal.

 2) The result of this request must be informed to the GBC body conclusively.

 3) In case permission has not been granted, the proposal cannot be considered except if one or more of the following conditions prevail:

 a. Gross and consistent mismanagement  of zonal affairs

 b. Blatant and consisteent deviatin from ISKCON laws and GBC policy.

 c. Absence of any practical preaching effort in the area concerned.

 d. Neglectful spiritual weakness on the part of the GBC man.

 e. If the change would greatly enhance the preaching.


Provisional Order.


2. That Mahamsa Swami shall be added as a full-fledged GBC member.


Provisional Order.


3. That all GBC'c meet at Sri Vrndavana Dham for the opening cerecony of the Samadhi mandir and the installation of the Srila Prabhupada deity on the disappearance day of Srila Prabhupada in November,1981.


Provisional Order.


4. That Surabhi Swami be made Minister of Architecture and cosstruction.




5. That all major internationally funded ISKCON projects must be presented to the Minister of Architecture and construction for advice both before and during any major project.

      That the Minister of Architecture and consturction give annual reports to the GBC body on the state of construction and maintenance of our major projects.




6. That the position of Minister of Agriculture be dissolved.


Provisional Order.


7. That Gopal Krishna Dasa shall be appointed as GBC for the Seattle temple.His zone shall also include the states of Montana, Washington,and Alaska.


Provisional Order.


8. That HDG Srila Jaya Tirtha Goswami and HDG Srila Ramesvara Swami shall become the co-GBC's for Chicago, St.Louis, and the mid-west. And that Tripurari Swami shall serve as the regional secretary.


Provisional Order.


9. That a letter signed by the governing body commission members as drafted by HDG Srila Jaya Tirtha Swami and which includes the additions given by Atreya Rsi Dasa be sent to HDG Srila Hansadutta Swami and that a committee of HDG Srila Bhavananda Goswami, HDG Srila Tamal Krsna Goswami, HDG Srila Jaya Tirtha Goswami, His Holiness Bhakti-Swarup Damodar Swami, and His Grace Atreya Rsi meet personally with Srila Hansadutta.


Provisional Order.


10. That HH Adi Kesava Swami shall be zonal secretary for NE USA, Caribbean, Guyana, Surinam, Santo Domingo, NE USA, comprises Maine, New Hammpshire, Vermount, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersy, Eastern NY state, NYC (does not include Philadelphia).


Provisional Order.


11. That HDG Bhagavan Goswami's zone is South Europe,

comprised of Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy,

Greece, Canary Islands, and Israel.


Provisional Order.


12. That Sriman Atreya Rsi's Zone is San francisco, Santa Cruz, (and the area in between), Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon,

Turkey, Amman, Yeman and Afghanistan. He is now full GBC for Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Pakistan etc. He is co-GBC for Bhaktivedanta Institute.


Provisional Order.


13. That Balavanta Das Adhikaty is co-GBC for Miami,

Gainesville, New Orleans, Mississippi Farm, Atlanta,

Tennessee Farm, South East USA including Florida, Georgia,

North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.


Provisional Order.


14. That HH Bhakti Swarup Damidar Swami is GBC for Manipur, Burma,Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and

co-GBC for Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya. He is also for the Bhaktivedanta Institute.

Provisional Order.


15. That Bhavananda Goswami is GBC for central India,Vrindaban, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and co-GBC for Sri Mayapur-

Chandrodoya Mandir, and Calcutta.


Provisonal Order.


16.Sriman Gopal Krishna is GBC for Seattle temple, Canada,

West India (Bombay and Ahmedabad temples), New Delhi,

Candigarh, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Alaska.


Provesional Order.


17. That HDG Srila Hansadutta is GBC for the temples of Berkeley and Portland, for the NW United States (excluding

Seattle temple, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Alaska),

The South-East nations of Korea, The Phillipines, Taiwan,

Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong.


Provisional Order.


18. That HDG Harikesha Swami is GBC for Scandanavia, Germany,

Switzerland, Austria, Poland,Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, USSR. He is co-GBC for Argentina,Chile and Uruguay.


Provisional Order.


19. That Sriman jagadisha Dasa Adhikari is GBC Minister of Education.


Provisional Order.


20. That hh Jaga-Jivana Goswami is GBC of Bolivia and Peru, and GBC of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.


Proviosonal Order.


21. That HDG Jayapataka Swami is GBC of West Bengal, Bihar, Sikhim, Bhutan, Orissa, Andamans and Nicobar,Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicheri, Kerala, Goa, Nepal, Bangladesh, The Maldives and Laksadwip Islands, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and

Vietnam. He is co-GBC for Sri Mayapur, Assam, Meghalaya, and

Tripura, and co-GBC for Calcutta.


Provisional Order.


22. That HDG Jaya Tirtha Swami is GBC for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia,

Djibouti, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia,

South Africa, South Western Africa, Tanzania and Mariana Islands, Mauritius, Michigan, co-GBC for Wisconsin co-GBC for Minnesota and Guam. He is co-GBC for Chicago and St.Louis, and also FATE.


Provisional Order.


23. That HDG Kirtanananda Swami is GBC for New Vrindaban,

Cleaveland, Columbus, Erie and Pittsburgh.


Provisional Order.


24. That HH Manamsa Swami is GBC for Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad and New Naimisaranya Farm.


Provisional Order.


25. That HH Pancadravida Swami is GBC for Mexico, Guatemala,

Elsavador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Coloumbia,

and Equador.


Provisional Order.


26. That HH Prabhupada Kripa Goswami is GBC for Australia,

New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea and New Caledonia.


Provisional Order.


27. That Sriman Rupanuga Dasa Adhikary is co-GBC for South-Eastern USA.


Provisional Order.


28. That HDG Rameswara Swami shall be GBC for Western USA,

So.California, South Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Elpasa, Omaha, Hawaii Islands, Japan. He is co-GBC for Chicago, St.Louis, Memphis,

Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and FATE.


Proviosanal Order.


29. That HDG Satsvarupa Goswami is GBC for Philadelphia,

Washington DC, Baltimore, Gita Nagari, North Fold (Virginia),

Duraham, Raleigh area of N.Carolina and the Eastern part of



Provisional Order.


30. That Tamal Krishna Goswami is GBC for Texas, Oklahma,

Arkansas, Kansas, Webraska Iowa, and China, Hong Kong and



Provisional Order.


31. That HDG Hridayananda Dasa Goswami is GBC for Brazil.


Provisional Order.


32. That HH Brahmananda Swami is GBC for West Africa,

including Angola, Zaire, Cingo, Gabon, Cameroons, Central African

Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia, Sinegal, Mautitania, Upper Volta, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and  Tunisia.


Provisional Order.


33. That Sriman Vasudev Dasa Adhikary is GBC for Fiji.


Provisional Order,


34. That Mahamsa Swami be addedd to the All-India management



Provisional Order.


35. That regarding all construction projects in India, along with commissioning money for new projects, that we must finish and maintain / repair all old projects, especially the

International projects like Bombay, Vrindaban, and Mayapura.

We should also serioulsly consider improving already established projects before constructing new ones.


Provisional Order.


36. That the Chairman of the legal committee give and evaluation to the North American GBC committee of the activities of the legal offece so that the North American GBC can reach a decision as to the future of the office.




37. That New Vrindabana shall be named the official tirtha

of ISKCON North America and be therefore made elegible for receiving 2 1/2 % of the US BBT funds (which is half of the amount available as a grant for national projects).




38. That the Sri Mayapur festival committee shall provide a booth for each zone, at Sri Mayapur, in which annually each zone should exhibit the achievements of the zone. This will increase the enthusiasm of the devotees in general and inform the public of ISKCON's preaching achievements.




39. That zones may provide an audio-visual or video presentation for the festival and time shall be provided for exhibiting that to the GBC's  and the devotees in general.




40. That all ISKCON temples should send one person's festival fee as advance registration by November 1st of every year to the festival committee's secretary. This is to facilitate advance arrangements.


Provesional Order.


41. That a 4-5 day travelling parikrama of Nabdwip Dham following the example of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur and Lord Nityananda be organized with tents, and a full program be held next year. To make this a success a maximum number of senior Vaisnava's presence is requested.


MARCH 13,1981.


Provisional Order.


1. That the Bhaktivedanta Institute should work with one man in each zone or country to deal with the scientists.




2. That the International Life Membership Trust is a volunteer body only, which is meant to assist the various temples  in ISKCON in the service of Life members. Whatever rules and regulations it may wish to see introduced are advisory only and it is left to the prerogative of a temple president or GBC whether or not he functions in his Life Membership program according to those rules and regulations. ILMT trustees shall meet annually to discuss problems and establish standards for presenting to the governing body commission all other beurocratic functions shall cease. The trustees shall be Sriman Gopal Krishna Dasa, HDG Srila Jaya Tirtha Goswami, Adhridarana Dasa, HH Giriraj Swami, and HH Brahmananda Swami.


Provisional Order.


3. That Bir Krishna Swami in Miami be editor of a weekly



Provesional Order.


4. That an ISKCON-wide news paper be developed (suggested name,Sajjna-Tosani -the satisfaction of pure devotees).

This paper should be punlished monthly on inexpensive newsprint and sufficient copies should be available so that every devotee in ISKCON will have access. Articles about ISKCON activities in all fields should be presented, thus giving all devotees a view of the glorious activities of their fellow Vaisnavas in other parts of the world.  Care should be taken to avoid devisive editorial bias. Book distribution results, numbers of new members made and other such quantifiable points will be listed clearly with a view to maximising the enlivening effects. An editorial board should be formed and correspondents named in every region. In more-English speaking countries efforts should be made to provide at least rough translations.


Provisional Order.


5. The unification of activities related to higher education

(including preaching and publishing etc.) should be under

Bhaktivedanta Institute for higher studies.


Provisional Order.


6. That it is suggested that Hare Krishna Nama Hatta preaching program and all other congregational preaching programs are an integrated part of ISKCON's preaching program and whenever possible shall be implemented.


Provisional Order.


7. That ILMT trustees continue to compile a directory of guest room facilities currently available in ISKCON and continue to seek improvements in guest room facilities for life-members. The GBC's are advised to avail themselves of this service.


Provisional Order.


8. That HDG Hridyananda Dasa Goswami publicly challenge Madeline O' Hare and other notable atheist personalities to debate in public hall in front of television, radio,etc.




9. That every GBC zonal secretary must submit his proposed book order for the coming year at the annual Mauyapur meeting so it can be responsibly determined what the projected book distribution and BBT remittances will be annually, thus vital society projects such as India construction grants from BBT can be accuratively projected at the annual meeting,and the governing body commission has the chance to review ,on a world wide scale, our preaching plans for the coming year. The GBC officers will collect the annual quotas from all members in Mayapur each year and read it during the annual meeting.


GBC Rule.


10. The GBC for FATE should present each year to the governing body commission his recommendations for the goals of FATE for the upcoming year, including where the next major Museums are proposed, and what dioramas will be available for mass production, etc.




11. That GBC zonal secretaries and all temple presidents promise to Srila Prabhuupada that their respective zones and temples will distribute books, on sankirtana on a regular basis, making a sincere attempt to implement Prabhupada's fourmula that 50% of our income be used for book distribution and 50 % be used for the temple expenses. The temple presidents should give a minimum of 25 % of income for book distribution.


Provisional Order.


12. That the 500 th anniversery of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabu,

the Yuga Avatar and eternal Founder of the Hare krishna Movement, should be observed on Gaur Purnima, 1986. Promotion

committee and program for focussing on Sri Gauranga's

transcendental qualities should begin now. A massive momentum

must be built up to the 500th anniversery to such an extent that the celebration will continue at least the next ten years after, and Lord Caitanya will be accepted world-wide as the real Supreme Saviour of mankind in this age!


Provisional order.


13. That a GBC standing committee should be formed by the name: Sri Krishna Caitanya 500 th Anniversery Celebration Observance Committee, (Non-GBC members may be included).


It will have the following duties


     1.to plan and coordinae world wide celebrations,

observances, and programs,

2. to act as a liason with other sects and groups for the proper coordination between groups,

3. to make recommendations to the GBC,

4. to do all things to that end,

5. to send funds collected for this purpose, and

6. to have local and national  committees formed under its auspices in every city and nation where there are ISKCON brandhes, from the respectable members of the public.


Provisional Order.


14. That contingent on the price and with approval of the revised edition, ISKCON agrees to purchase 5000 copies of

Dr.Stillson Judah's "Hare Krshna and the Counter Culture"

so that the new revised edition may be published.




15. That the governing body commission establishes prohibiting "pirating", i.e, unauthorized duplicating of any ITV videotapes from now in perpetuity as the official policy of ISKCON for the benefit of the preaching effort.This includes any unauthorized duplicationg of any division of ISKCON engaged in producing video cassettes


Prodisional Order.


16. A committee consisting of HDG Jayatirtha Goswami and Sriman Gopal Krishna Dasa shall speak to Subal Vilas Dasa and hear his grievances and try to reach some understanding with him.




17. That temple funds not be used to invest for making money through speculative real estate deals, jewels, gold, etc.


Provisional Order.


18. That HH Adi Keshava Swami will mediate the debt between ISKCON Mauapur and BBT India.




19. For North America, a subsidiary Trust or Corporation shall be formed for each temple. All titles to ISKCON properties shall be transferred to the new trust or corporation, in which the three trustees be the controlling Board of Directors or Trustees. In each case, the beneficiary of the new corporation or turst is the local ISKCON temple. From the office of legal affairs, Hariscandra Dasa will make a standard, uniform legal plan and forms for implementing.




20. That all new property which has been pruchased shall be assigned official Trustees.


Procedural Order (unpublished)




Procedural Order (unpublished)




GBC Rule.


23. That in regard to the naming of Trustees the policy should be that every one use the names approved by Srila Prabhupada in his last will. However, in exceptional cases the local GBC may recommend other names from the GBC body.




24. That every year the governig body commission shall make one day as their zonal ISKCON Food Relief Day and have an IFR Marathon Collection.




25. That ISKCON's standard policy is to send all of its young boys (from outside of India) to the Bhaktivedanta Swami Gurukula in Vrndavana from at least the age of nine or ten until at least the age twelve.




26. That the Handbook on Gurukula as compiled by Jagadisha Dasa is authorized by the GBC.




27. That within ISKCON, Gurukula schools shall open only with the permission of the Minister of Education, and operate under the direction of the Minister of Education and the local GBC.


Provisional Order.


28. That Bhaktivedanta Institute shall be commissioned to approve Gurukula text books on Nature studies.


GBC Rule.


29. That the officers and concerned members of the GBC read the minutes of the annual Mayapur meeting to Srila Prabhupada's room at the conclusion of the meetings each year.




30. That in regard to the governing body commission: The members and their duties:


  The individual members have as their solemn duty:

  1. To practically accept the mission, purpose, special projects and will of  Srila Prabhupada, and accept the governing body commission which is his representative and supreme management authority in ISKCON, as one's life and soul.

  2. To represent the governing body commission by performing the assignments allotted in accordance to GBC policy.

  3. To participate in the annual governing body commission meeting at Sridhama Mayapur before Gaura Purnima.

  4. To be an "acharya" by teaching by personal example the path of Krishna Consciousness in its purity.

  5. To maintain at all times the secrecy, integrity, and sanctity of the governing body commission proceedings and policy.

  6. To serve as an officer of the governing body commission, as a member of GBC committee and to participate in GBC isthagosthis and special meetings etc. when duly called upon to do so.

  7. To offer ones realized viewpoint to the assembly of the governing body commission.


GBC Rule.


31. That the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust secretaries or managers or devotees in similar responsible positions, who are not GBC members,on the redommendation of thier BBT trustee or GBC member, shall be eligible to attend the annual temple presidents' regional secretaries meetings at Sri Mayapur at the Gaura Purnima Festival.


GBC Rule.


32. That the GBC chairman or officers' committee can convene a GBC isthagosthi with any member of GBC members for the purpose of clarifying issues, solving disagreements, discrepencies and further increasing the love and trust amongst the devotees. The GBC isthagosthi shall be on the basis of Sadhu, Sastra as authority. Solving problems through the medium of isthagosthi shall be given preference to emergency meetings and other methods.




33. That no member of the governing body commission or any regional secretary or temple president shall be eligible to vote in the GBC meeting or temple presidents' meeting respectively, unless their Oath of allegiance to ISKCON has been duly submitted to the proper GBC authority. Once done, this need not be done annually the individual.


GBC Rule.


34. That a provisional order of the governing body commission shall be valid and effective until such time as the purpose is served or due to changing situation the order becomes no longer applicable.


GBC Rule.


35. That no GBC member may propose more than ten proposals per yearly meeting.




36. That no cows, may be mortgaged. (The following are amendmentts to existing  ISKCON laws should be entered therein)




37. That a GBC member should not be considered as the whole GBC ,but rather as an indinividul member or commissioner, commissioned by the whole governing body commission. [I.2-R-75,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (Amemndment)


38. That the GBC may, either directly or through a deputed represintative, request a report from any ISKCON member, who shall be duty-bound to cooperate with this request. [I.3-R-75,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (Amendment)


39. That an individual GBC member acts blatantly against the policy of the governing body commission, the chairman and secretary ofthe body must be informed immedeately of the discrepancy by a temple officer. [I.4-R-75,A-81]


GBC Rule. (Amendment)


40. The governing body commission shall appoint GBC members or change members (in extreme circumstances) . Apart from the governing body commission's own members, no one shall nominate or select. The governing body commission members are permanent. Appointments shall be made as follows:

a.Nominations for positions of assistant GBC members or (acting) assistat GBC members (both not voting) shall be received by the chairman. On his discretion he may call

call for majority as to whether the nomination shall be admitted for consideration or not. Any nomination thus accepted and the candidate receiving two thirds favourable vote from the total GBC membership shall be considered appointed.

b. A full GBC member may nominate someone for appointement as (acting) GBC member (with GBC meeting attendance right, zonal administration rights, but no voting rights), and this nomination must be seconded. A candidate shall be considered appointed upon receiving two thirds vote of the total GBC members.

c. Full GBC members shal be nominated from any existing (acting) GBC members and such nominations shall be seconded. The(acting)GBC duly nominated and receiving,

two thirds of the total GBC members. Votes shall considered appointed as a full GBC member.

d. The word (acting) shall also mean that the person is appointed for one  year period and at the next annual

GBC meeting his appointment is terminated, and must come up for re-votes. If the requisite number of votes are not received he shall not be entitled to hold the position.

e. All full GBC members shall be permanent members and remain as such until their resignation or removal.





41. Each property bought by an ISKCON society shall be signed by a trust of at least three persons,according to Srila Prabhupada's will.[I.16-R-76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


42. That a record of all properties under control of ISKCON socities including price value, purchase price, address of property, owners' name and relevent information shall be maintained by the minister of records for the GBC.



ISKCON Law. (amendment)


43. That ISKCON public affairs to the GBC is created to counter act unfavourable publicity in the media and to present a favourable image to the media. The Bureau's activities are to be approved by the GBC. [I.25-R-76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


44. A central file shall be kept on all of Srila Prabhupada's

initiated devotees for purposes of public relations and for reclaiming blooped devotees. Other disciple records shall be  centrally maintained on a zonal basis. [I.29-R-Pres.77,A-81]


GBC Rule. (amendment)


45. That ISKCON governing body commission annual meeting shall consist of committee meetings first and then general meetings. Meetings shall be arranged so that they are completed before the Sri Mayapur festival begins.



ISKCON Law. (amendment)


46. All ISKCON owned properties shall be property registered as per Srila Prabhupada's desire. The copies of the registration deed and corporation papers shall be propelry registered as per Srila Prabhupada's desire. The copies of tbe registration deed and corporation papers shall be held by the minister of records, who shall be responsible for collecting these documents on a regular basis.

  Every year at the annual GBC meeting a status report will be presented to the GBC chairman for informing the body of the annual report [II.2-R-79,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


47.`A temple must have existed at least one year as a viable preaching center before installing deities.`[VI,1-R-76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


48. The goal of farm communities shall be self-sufficiency.



ISKCON Law. (amendment)


49. That new cows shall be purchased from other ISKCON farms if available. [VI.6-R-76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


50. If a devotee has any grievances regarding the management of a temple, his complaints should be properly aimed to the local temple president, regional secretary and / or the local GBC representative. The matter should not be acted on or brought before the devotees in general. [VI.12-S-pres.'76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


51. It is the responsibity of the president, regional secretary, governing body commissioner to correct any defficiencies in the temple program. Further, any alleged defficiency in a temple program in itself is not sufficient grounds to encourage or order a devotee to abandon his prescribed duty in the temple. [VI.13-S-76,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment_


52. The temple presicent is directly responsible to his regional secretary, local GBC and the governing body commission. Others do not have direct authority over the temple presicint. Disagreements regarding practical philosophy or policies can only be implemented via. the above chain of responsibility. Objectiors must defer to the temple presidents' position and can initiate change only via the local GBC [VI.14-S-Pres.-76,A-81]


GBC Rule. (amendment)


53. That all regional secretaries and temple presidents shall come for their own meeting at Gaura Purnima before the festival begins [VI.18-S-Pres.-76.A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


54. Rumors are against Vaisnava principles. Vaisnavas will act in such a way as to enable any fallen Vaisnavas to return to the association of devotees. Nothing shall be circulated about the fall-down of a senior Vaisnava except by the GBC Chairman, who-can also-be approached for information when in doubt. [VI.35-S-77,A-81]


ISKCON Law.(amendment)


55. Originals or copies of letters by Srila Prabhupada should sent to the archives in Los Angeles to be copied, preserved and used as source material for books, publication and distribution. Donors will be provided with copies of the original. [VI.53-S-78,A-81]


ISKCON Law (amendment)


56. Installed deities cannot be moved without GBC permission to be given at the annual Sri Mayapur GBC meeting. [VI.54-R '78,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


57. April shall be designated as BTG marathon month. Only BTG's ahould be distributed as far as possible except by airport distributors and others who cannot adjust distribution.[IX.2-R-79,A-81]


ISKCON Law. (amendment)


58. That the following men shall be trustees for the following, India ISKCON properties (for Srila Prabhupada's will)


Sri Mayapur:Jayapataka Swami, Brahmananda Goswami, Gopal Krsna Dasa.

Krishna Balaram Mandir, Vrndavana: BhavanandaGoswami,

Visvambar Dayal, Gopal Krsna Dasa Gauravanacari, Akshayananda-


Bombay: Gopal Krsna Dasa Gauravanacari, Giriraj Swami, Tamal Krsna Goswami.

Bhuvaneswar: Jayapataka Swami, Gaura Govinda Swami, Tejiyas Dasa.

Hyderabad: Mahamsa Swami, Sridhar Swami, Gopal Krsna Dasa.

Delhi: Jayatirtha Swami, Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami,

Bhagabhati Dasa.

Manipur: Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami, Gopal Krsna Dasa,

Jayapataka Swami. [XII.10-R-Vrndavana 77,A-81]


59. The following resolutions are to be retained as is, and entered into the ISKCON Law Book. [ Note: using initial numbers given as index in 1979 ISKCON Law Book compiled by Adi Kesava Swami]:

  1) VI.15-S.Pres.76;2)VI.16-S.Pres.76;3)VI.21 -S-77

  4) VI.47 R-78;XII.6.

  As these resolutions have an indexing code they may be found if needed, but to see that they are readily notable [and are five only] they are noted as follows:


Those Resolutions to be retained.




VI.15 - It is the duty of the society's preachers to present Krishna Consciousness philosophy as it is, as presinted in Srila Prabhupada's Books (S.Pres.76)




VI.16 - Devotees ISKCON should recognise the value of the association of Sannyasis, especially for Brahmacaris and house holder men. We recognize that it is our duty to provide

opportunities for such association as far as possible, and we humbly request the cooperation of our sannyasi godbrothers in this respect(S.Pres.76)




VI.21 - Grihastas may work at jobs or develop their own business with their own means(S.77)




VI.47 -  The executers of Srila Prabhupada's will are responsible to see that his will is being carried out. (R-78)




XII.6 - The all India GBC subcommittee shall decide who will be on the ISKCON Bureau of India.


60. The following are Provisional of Obsolete resolutions and shall therefore not be entered in the ISKCON Law Book.

[Note:the nomenclature  or indexing is explained in the previous entry No.59]:

I.13; I.22; I.28; I.32; I.40; I.41; I.42; I.43; I.46; I.50;

II.1; II.2; II.6; II.8; II.9; III.1; III.2; III.3; III.4;

V.2; VI.3; VI.4; VI.7; VI.8; VI.9; VI.11; VI.14; VI.22; VI.23; VI.28; VI.29; VI.36, VI.39; VI.43; VI.48; VI.51; VI.57; VI.58; VI.59; VI.61; VI.63; VI.64; VI.66; VII.2; VII.4; VIII.1; IX.3; IX.4; X.1 ;X.2; XI.(zonal appointments 1979); XII;XII.2; XII.3; XII.5; XII.6; XII.7; XII.8; XII.11; XII.12; XII.13; XII.14; XII.15; XII.17; XII18; XII.19.


MARCH 15,1981


No business was enacted-therefore no confirmation req'd.


MARCH 16,1981


Provisional Order


1. That HDG Bhavananda Dasa Goswami and HDG Tamal Krishna Goswami will go to meet with HDG Hansadutta Swami and will dedicate their hearts to stay and talk with him as long as necessary.


Resolutions from the Presidents' meeting


Provisional Order


2. That Jayadvaita Swami should edit a book of Srila Prabhupada's letters called Your Ever Well Wisher so that they can be published fot the benefit of devotees.


GBC Rule


3. A written detailed report of  all GBC special meetings be given to temple presidents.




4. GBC members and Gurus should discourage unauthorized movement of their men and / or dispiciple.


Provisional Order


5. The BBT trustees will make a program for advising temple presidents in North America as to how they can fulfill Srila

Prabhupada's order that ideally 50 % of all monies collected may be remitted to BBT.


Povisional Order


6. That in order to foster closer association and mutual

inspiration, that separate facilities be arranged for temple presidents at the Mayapur festival in the area of residential facilities and prasadam areas


Provisional Order


7. That Sriman Balindak Dasa and HH Jayadvaita Swami will go over the proposed constitution with Sriman Jagadisha Dasa and make recommendations.


Provisional Order


8. That festival should be held in New Delhi during the 1982

Mayapur-Vrndavana Festival.


Provisional Order


9. That Jagadisha Dasa will prepare an outline for a discussion on Varnashrama College for the 1982 governing body commission meetings.


Provisional Order


10. That it is suggested that the ISKCON symbol designed by

Srila Prabhupada be refined by BBT and used.


Provisional Order


11. That a revised Handbook of Krishna Consciousness should be published by the British BBT


Provisional Order

12. That by a 2/3 vote Paramananda Prabhu shall be the farm minister, and he may be consulted on farm projects, especially

initial purchase of cows and farm land.


Provisional Order


13. That if any Russian or Eastern European (from Communist-

countries) come to any temple ideally HDG Harikesa Swami should be contacted and great discretion should be used in regards to telling them anything about ISKCON activities in Communist countries. The same procedure may be applicable to the case of HDG Tamal Krishna Goswami in relation to Communist China.


Provisional Order


14. That the temple Presidents agree to honour as far as possible promises made to life members visiting the temple.


MARCH 18,1981.


Provisional Order


1. If Hansadutta Maharaj tenders his resignation from the

governing body commission, then the GBC Chairman is empowered to accept it.


Provisional Order


2. If Hansadutta Maharaj tenders his resignation from ISKCON

then the GBC Chairman is empowered to accept it.


Provisional Order


3. The officers committee can appoint an adhoc GBC if a vacancy during the year.


Provisional Order


4. If there is any attack, in any way, from Hansadutta Maharaj, or of his men, on any devotees or any ISKCON temples, he will be suspended from ISKCON until the next Mayapur festival. The officers committee has the right to put this suspension into effect.