Jan 12 2013 Just Do It

By Mahatma das

This article outlines one of the foundational points for a new workshop I recently developed called the Re-Creation Workshop. The workshops deals with understanding our psychological conditioning from the Vedantic perspective and using the knowledge to live in alignment with our ideals


May 12 2008 Transforming Your Workplace into the Spiritual World

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

Recently I was at a program in Tennessee in which a devotee said that environment is more powerful than willpower. He later told me how his environment at work was not at all conducive for Krsna conscious. He felt he could be Krsna conscious at home, but not at work.


Apr 25 2008 Humility Means No Resistance

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

If you are like me – or for that matter everyone I’ve ever met - you resist negative things. When others tell you what they don’t like about you, point out a mistake you made, criticize you, etc., you probably get defensive.


Apr 5 2008 Who’s To Blame?

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

If the world is not Krsna conscious, we need to look at ourselves. Whenever devotees made excuses and told Prabhupada that people were not receptive or that they were difficult to preach to, Prabhupada always said that the problem was not with the people they were preaching to; the problem was with us.


Dec 31 2007 What is the Difficulty? Some Help with Making New Year’s Resolutions

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

Since the new year is around the corner, it’s natural to talk about new year’s resolutions. You might be thinking about doing something you’ve put off or making some changes for the new year.


Dec 19 2007 Double Blessings for Christmas

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

If I wrote a newsletter telling you how to double your money in ten days, would you be interested? Of course you would. Well if I knew how I’d tell you. But I don’t, so sorry. But I can tell you something better. I can tell you how to double your blessings in ten days. Are you as interested?


Nov 23 2007 Amend Yourself

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

Fault finding can be so addicting that some people have to get their daily fix. And it's easily available everywhere. You can get a fix from all kinds of radio talk shows, news magazines, comedians, and TV shows (fault finding sells).


Oct 5 2007 Confessions of a Japa Retreat Junkie

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

I admit it. I’m addicted. But it’s not my fault. Really, I am innocent. I was simply asked to co-facilitate some japa retreats and workshops and I innocently accepted. And now I’ve become a japa retreat addict. I drop whatever I am doing and go to the next retreat or workshop.


Sep 2 2007 When Bad Chanting Becomes the Norm, You’re in Trouble

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

Bad habits don’t die easily. Prabhupada said chanting produces more chanting. But the question is what kind of “more chanting” does it produce? My experience is that bad chanting produces more bad chanting. And if the bad chanting goes on long enough, it pretty much becomes a habit.


Aug 9 2007 Choosing to Fall Down

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

What is falldown? Breaking the four regulative principles or giving up devotional service is generally referred to as falldown. Although this is the main focus of this article, the principles I discuss relate to positively dealing with any kind of setback in spiritual life.


Jun 16 2007 How Your Beliefs Affect Your Commitments

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

In this article I focus on how our degree of commitment to our vows and promises is affected by what we believe is possible for us. I also look at how beliefs affect us in general.


May 5 2007 Exploring Your Word of Honor

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

Imagine this scene: After millions of lifetimes you finally make it back to the spiritual world. As you approach the gates of Goloka you are asked to wait because Krsna wants to come and personally greet you. You are getting more excited at every moment...


Jan 8 2007 Putting An End to Courtesy Japa

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

"Nish, nish, ram, ram, nish, nish, ram, ram." Prabhupada once imitated how we sometimes chant without focus, without concentration, without proper pronunciation – how we chant when we don’t feel like chanting.


Nov 27 2006 The Unknown History of Big Book Distribution.

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

The following is an excerpt from an unfinished book about my life in Krsna consciousness. It details the history of how big book distribution began in Iskcon, a history which has not been chronicled in any Iskcon publications. The scene takes place in Vancouver, Canada, November of 1971


Jul 3 2006 Choosing To Forgive

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

I had built up such resentment inside me that I had become reluctant to give myself fully to Iskcon. I lacked the enthusiasm I used to have. I was more cautious. I was becoming more concerned about my well being than Iskcon’s. I moved more to the sidelines. I was being held back by a lot of pain, hurt, frustration and anger. I was afraid to step too far forward again. I had enough.


Jun 29 2006 Preaching Mistakes I Have Made or Have Seen Other’s Make

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

1.Preaching without trying to understand people's needs and interests 2. Continuing to speak without determining if people are understanding or accepting what you are saying 3. Not paying attention when people talk 4. Interrupting people when they talk


Jun 23 2006 108 Mistakes I Have Made or I Have Seen Made by Other Leaders

Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma Das

To not manage through a temple board i.e. to think you know everything and don't need input from others or to cancel or not hold meetings because you don't believe in or like meetings.

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