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Sriman Ananta Santi das prabhu Departs

Monday, 03 June 2013 / Published in In Memoriam / 4,785 views

The saint of the Russian Hare Krishna devotees just left his body due to a heart attack. He introduced Krishna consciousness to thousands of devotees and was Srila Prabhupada’s only directly initiated disciple in the Soviet Union.It is amazing that he lived his long considering how much the barbaric Soviet authorities tortured him for being a Hare Krishna devotee, with insulin shock drugs before releasing him

Satyaraja dasa : “Prabhupada’s five days on Russian soil provided him ample opportunity to position himself well for the eventual checkmate his movement would play in Soviet Russia. His initial strategy emerged when, through his disciple and secretary Syamasundara Dasa, he met a young Russian seeker Anatoly Pinyayev who would soon become Ananta-santi Dasa, his courageous, lone student in the Soviet Union. Another forward move was Prabhupada’s talk with Professor G. G. Kotovsky, then head of the Indian and South Asian Studies Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Prabhupada left a distinct impression on Professor Kotovsky, who got their conversation published in an important Russian periodical (“Vaishnavism” in Otkrytyi Forum 1, 1997, pp. 109–114). But it was Ananta-santi who took Prabhupada’s message to heart, single-handedly, vigorously, sharing what he had learned with hundreds of Soviet people, many who became devotees. After meeting the enthusiastic Russian, Prabhupada had remarked, “Just as you can judge whether rice is properly cooked by picking out one small grain, so you can know an entire nation by observing one of its handpicked youths.”

“Among the devotees released was Ananta-Santi dasa (Anatoli Pinyayev), the first member of the Hare Krsna movement in the Soviet Union. Ananta-Santi has been in and out of Soviet prisons and psychiatric hospitals since 1980 because of his practicing Krsna consciousness. His recent release was from the Special Psychiatric Hospital in Smolensk, where he had served four years of an indefinite sentence. While there, he was subjected to insulin shock treatments and injections of neuroleptic drugs. Ananta-Santi’s release was due in part to a meeting between Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke, during which Mr. Hawke requested Ananta-Santi’s release.” 1988 BTG article (automatic translation): The first Soviet Vaishnava Anantashanti Prabhu, died today in Moscow by a stroke

Through his heroic efforts Vaishnava tradition has emerged rapidly literally all over the country …

Anantashanti Prabhu (Anatoly Pinyaev)

About care Anantashanti Prabhu told his friends. He died at the age of 65 in a Moscow clinic at night. The details were reported. Exactly three years ago Anantashanti Prabhu has already delivered a cardiac intensive care unit, where he was diagnosed with “extensive infarction of the left ventricle of the heart,” but quickly got better.

Anantashanti Prabhu, the first Soviet Vaishnava and the only native of the Society of consciousness of Krishna, who personally met with AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and received his blessing to preach the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

History of meeting future Anantashanti Prabhu and Srila Prabhupada described in detail in the book Satsvarupa dasa Goswami “Prabhupada-lilamrta.” This happened in June 1971 in Moscow. Thanks to the hot passion and heroic efforts Anantashanti Prabhu, this tradition began to spread rapidly across the country literally. In the early 1980s, the movement of the consciousness of Krishna descended repression, and one of the first to be arrested and Anantashanti Prabhu. The first trial was held in Moscow in the winter of 1982, when the two were tried Hare Krishna (Vishwamitra Sadananandu Prabhu and Prabhu). Then the “closed court” tried Anantashanti. In fact, its not even tried, but simply declared “insane” and made the decision to place him in a mental hospital. He was arrested in April, May, he somehow escaped, but at the beginning of the following year he was again tracked down and imprisoned in a mental hospital Smolensk.

Currently, decide upon the procedure of cremation and burial. According to the chief pujari (priest) of the Moscow church Vishnuraty Sriman Krishna Prabhu, three days in the temple will be a memorial yajna (ritual) with the participation of our country in the first followers of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

We sincerely express our condolences to the family and friends Anantashanti Prabhu, all first in our country Vaisnavas, the fate of which Anantashanti Prabhu has played such a crucial and important role.


Vishwamitra Das reminisces about the life of Soviet Hare Krishna under Brezhnev, Andropov and Gorbachev

The long era of Brezhnev, nicknamed among our progressive-minded intellectuals and foreign ideologues “stagnation”, had, nevertheless, the strongest, even fatal impact on the minds of millions of people accustomed mode of general secretaries feel like cogs in a huge machine, and quite willingly be content with this state of taking it for free. In particular proceeded during those years, and religious life in which, despite the traditionally rigid filtering, somehow, retained freedom of faith sprouts, and very different directions …

A toy in the hands of the regime and Hinduism was the interest in which has spread throughout the Soviet space after a visit to Moscow in 1971, the famous Krishna monk ITSK sannyasi Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. His memories of those days and impressions of the General Secretary Brezhnev shared with the correspondent of the Portal-Credo. Ru former prisoner of conscience who spent at camp five and a half years, a physicist, a Vaishnava ( Krishna um) Vishwamitra Das (Vladimir Crete). This story, sadly, coincided with the Day of employee security, which was celebrated on December 20.

Portal-Credo.Ru: How do you assess the “Brezhnev” period of Russian history? Whether it was really stagnant?

Vishwamitra Das (Vladimdir Crete) was Brezhnev’s regime formation, which seemed outwardly respectable, even somewhat democratic, without the express and total persecution of dissidents, as under Stalin. Although, of course, the prosecution had. Take, for example, the case of Solzhenitsyn. But it still does not go to any comparison with the 30-40-ties of the twentieth century. It is felt that Brezhnev in his valued opinion in the West. I think he was sensitive to criticism of the West, listening to the calls to expand democracy in the Soviet society.

– How KGB reacted to visit Prabhupada?

– It’s too open persecution was not. Anyway, at first. As for us, of the Society of consciousness of Krishna, then for the time being we are not too bothered. Prabhupada visited Moscow in 1971, and it fell into the field of view of the KGB, and then came the first disciple of Prabhupada Anatoly Pinyaev (spiritual name – Ananta Shanti Das). It is clear that the KGB knew about it, because what came to Prabhupada’s disciples, Anatolia brought some things. Then the KGB could stop this, but it’s just watched without seeing some kind of danger to the Soviet system.

Sometime in the late 70s. came a spiritual teacher Swami Harikesa. In 1979, I became acquainted himself with this tradition. Among the devotees were rumors that the KGB knew about all this. But, anyway, we were until a certain time has not been touched. Grounds and really was not – the movement was limited and very few.

All zaburlilo, from the 80th year. Came a galaxy of young and fiery preachers – Vladimir Devjatkin, Valentine Yaroshchuk, Sergey Kurkin, Sergey Devices, Sergey Zuev, Olga Kiseleva, Vladimir Kustrya, many more. Started quite a powerful sermon in Moscow. And not someone somewhere, namely the intelligentsia, for various institutions, agencies, elite homes, like home architect, home of composer, etc. There is already the KGB became worried, and in September 1981 and deported Harikesa Swami Kirtiradzha Das (American Prabhupada’s disciples, who helped in the spiritual life of the Soviet Vaishnavas) out of the country when they tried to arrange a meeting in Riga preaching to the masses. Then, a month or two, we have conducted preaching from door to door.

– When the authorities began to terror, and what is that?

– The first defeat suffered at the end of 1981 the KGB clearly came from the state of covert surveillance and persecution began in the form of threats. We were called to the party committees, the local committee, and then the bodies. Began many hours of questioning, during which we were requested to stop preaching. Drummed into us that we are engaged in illegal religious activities. And as Vaishnava went underground, but did not stop preaching, had already begun and massacres, and searches. It did not come for sometime in April 1982, when the criminal case was opened on me and Sergei Kurkina. Under this pretext began searches in ten places at the same time in different cities. I Kurkina and took on his own recognizance. In the end, it ended in arrest.

As for the identity of Brezhnev, then it is difficult to judge about it fully, I never met with him and did not communicate. I can only judge by the atmosphere that prevailed at the time. Although the persecution began, trying to save face remained. Yet there was no ship was not even known whether the case comes to trial. Lawyers assured that all will end well, that we are, they say, let go, or poderzhat a couple of months in jail, but because just let go, because the court – it is an open challenge to public opinion.

Indeed, the Court before Brezhnev’s death was not. We were kept in the “Sailor’s silence.” But here’s the Brezhnev died. The radio airplay in the morning of the funeral march. Then, almost all at once like a chain broke, because Andropov came to power. Apparently, the above given command to end it all, “Krishna consciousness.” The case to court, and before the New Year, the first process. This took place in Moscow, not counting the 7-8 high-profile processes in other cities of the Union. The outcome, in fact, was a foregone conclusion. Andropov was a man more determined than Brezhnev. If Brezhnev still had some intelligence, some understanding of what you can not just violate the principles of morality, public opinion, humanity, that all of these complexes Andropov did not suffer. Once something is in the way the Communist dictatorship, it is necessary to tear down and destroy. Were given according to the case – and away we go …

We do not just condemn – the court has turned into a parody. Witnesses were forced to give statements that were necessary investigation, and to do so not somewhere behind the wall, and quite publicly. The courts were closed, but still there is someone from the family was sitting, and the reporters – only 15-20 people. And right at them, witnesses unashamedly blatant pressure exerted. What sort of democracy and the principles of justice! One girl brought and literally dragged into the courtroom almost a hair, as the heroine of Mahabharata Draupadi, and threats forced her to testify against us. However, this was not already the era of Brezhnev and Andropov. So when Brezhnev at least such arbitrariness’s not.

– What is your opinion of the CPSU General Secretary Brezhnev as a person and as a leader of a great country?

– After all, this was a man who understood the importance of public opinion. It is one thing – the dictatorship of Stalin, and another thing – the era of Brezhnev’s stagnation. Perhaps the era of Stalin was the last great dictatorship in the history of mankind. I wish that this does not happen again. Yes, of course, was a Pinochet.

In general, the Kali Yuga (the modern era “of quarrel and hypocrisy,” according to the Vedas – Ed.) Such things do not go, because there is no such condition, there is no such strong personalities that can rule the millions of people. Andropov also briefly held. At him, and it was an attempt. Again came the softer mode Chernenko, who was the prelude to thaw Gorbachev. When Chernenko all remained in their places. This secretary-general was very cautious and did not want to change anything. But Gorbachev, being progressive, started reverse process – rehabilitation. Vaishnava were let out of prison. The processes have stopped. However, in 1985 there was another process, but it was prepared long before that moment – the inertia, so to speak.

Gorbachev era was not too long. Then came another dictator, which is more subtle, but artfully restored a strong board of the Center is not alone, but relying on a certain class to the environment.

Interviewed by Vladimir Yakovlev,
for “Portal-Credo.Ru”

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