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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

The Gift of You

Monday, 27 August 2018 / Published in Recent Media / 875 views

The Gift of You
Ananda Vrindavana Devi Dasi: As we approach Janmastami, Krishna’s birthday, we’ll be thinking of what to give. It’s a birthday celebration after all and everyone’s invited. The guest list is unlimited and when it’s a birthday we think of expressing our love with a gift.
Each of us has a unique and personal relationship with Krishna. Our world is not just me, myself and I. It’s me, the world, and Krishna. And still, this is our story as we are the main player. Everyone else is a supporting cast member. Even Krishna stands back. He’s there with us as Supersoul in our hearts, but he remains an observer until we interact with Him.
So, what do we as an individual want to give to Krishna, who owns everything, who has everything, and who is not in want of anything? I suggest we give ourselves.
There is a right and wrong way of such giving. Wrong is thinking Krishna has everything, so why bother giving Him anything. I’ll just show up with a smile on my face and give myself.
Right is knowing Krishna has everything, giving as much as we can in gratitude for the privilege to able to do so, and also knowing that what really makes Krishna happy is the giving of ourselves in humility. Who am I? Someone very small, who sometimes thinks I am very big and important. Please accept me as your insignificant servant. Please engage me in your service.
That is the gift of you.
As the lead player in our own life story we can write the script. What do we want to be thinking, feeling, and doing in relationship to Krishna? Where do we want our energy to be focused on Janmastami? What do we want to be thinking?
The radical process of bhakti is all about changing our mindset. We exist as individuals…eternally. That’s our true ego which is defined as the “I” or soul. The false ego is the “I” that’s connected to the body and our identity in the world. Bhakti recovers our other ego, our original true ego, which is hidden behind the false one. And the process is radical because just by rethinking the way we think we can get past the false ego.
We can’t outsource ourselves and our conversations with Krishna. No one can do them for us. This is our life, our personal relationship. Plan, pray, prepare. Use your head to follow your heart and make it special. It’s His day. Add to it.