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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

My Thoughts on Cancer ​​ ​

Wednesday, 02 May 2018 / Published in Articles / 1,642 views

By Sruti Dharma Das

The last month has been a rollercoaster journey. For over 40 years I have spoken about the harsh reality of life in lectures, funeral sermons, congregational gatherings and personal meetings. Now I am facing those same realities in my own life. It is not an easy pill to swallow.

The Bhagavad-gita explains that we are spiritual beings on a material journey. This life is simply a chapter, and according to the spiritual consciousness we develop now, the rest of the story unfolds. Our current situation is a result of past activities, and the responses we generate now will determine our future. Having the bigger picture helps to put everything in perspective.

A loving father will nurture his child in different ways – sometimes with a sweet appreciation, and other times with a strict reminder. Both are equally necessary, and behind both is incredible love, care and concern. In the same way, God provides encouragement and challenges. This particular stage in my life may well be the greatest test I have faced so far. Pregnant within it, however, is the greatest opportunity. Peace is not an absence of anxiety, but the presence of God everywhere, at all times. This experience is definitely bringing me closer to God.

So I have mixed feelings. On one side there is a natural care, concern and affection for my spiritual friends and family who I have spent so much time with. We have served each other and been through so much. We have plans to do so much more, and the thought of separation is painful. On another side, there is anticipation, urgency, opportunity and excitement to deepen my own spirituality and use this test to come face to face with God. The prospect of death brings your spirituality alive!

One of the most touching things has been the messages of encouragement that have come my way. To know that sincere devotees of God are praying for you gives incredible inspiration and enthusiasm. As each day passes, I continue on and wait to see what will unfold. Whichever way it goes, I have no doubt that Krishna will be right there to help me through it.

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2 Responses to “My Thoughts on Cancer ​​ ​”

  1. jaytirtha says :

    Jay!!! Jay!!! Jay!!!

    Deeply touched by reading your thought!

    Tests are conducted not to fail students but, to help them improve better and get pushed toward the best. In the same way, Everyone of us is facing one or another kind of test in life but, brave are those who recognize it, see it as an opportunity to remain firmed in Krsna consciousness and by constant remembrance of Lord Hrsikesa get victory over it!
    May Lord Krsna give you necessary strength to get victory,
    Please pray for me. Hare Krsna!

  2. Pusta Krishna das says :

    Dear Prabhu, Having travelled along this path my self in the past year, I want to share one important realization. Sometimes, the pain can be unrelenting and we may psychically try to "grab hold" of the body or mind. My humble advice from experience is to "let go", pray to Krishna:
    "My dear Lord Krishna, you are the Creator and owner of this material creation, including my temporary human body. Kindly do with me as you like, but please allow me to take full shelter of your Lotus Feet forever in loving service." Krishna will not withdraw His genuine shelter from His sincere devotees.
    Pusta Krishna das