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Devotee care in Vrindavan (Album of photos)

Tuesday, 23 April 2019 / Published in Recent Media / 564 views

A proposal from Prabhupada Disciples Around the World.

We, senior devotees of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON Society who have been faithfully, loyally serving Prabhupada’s Mission for 45 years or more, do hereby humbly request and recommend a Retirement Home to be built in Vrndavana for our family of elders. This is so we can live with some assistance in Vrndavana, serving Prabhupada’s Mission til death. Time is precious and of the essence, as we’re seeing with so many departures.

There are many of us suffering and struggling alone in the West with old age and subsequent increase of medical expenses, which contribute to more health problems, less quality in our sadhana, stress. There’s a lack of preaching in our lives, creating a void. We still want to serve Prabhupada’s Mission.

Close proximity to the Temple creates opportunities to serve within the Community such as giving Classes, inspiring younger devotees and engaging in regular Temple activities. We can also organize younger devotees in the Community to serve their elders. Our Devotee Care team of caregivers and assembled devotees would find it a great honor to serve Srila Prabhupada’s disciples in the Vrndavana Retirement Home attentively, professionally, and affectionately.

Panca Gauda Prabhu has approved the empty lot to the right of the Sankirtana Bldg at the Goshalla for this Devotee Care Project. He suggested the traditional horseshoe design for 12 MVT studio-size flats around the curve with courtyard/fountain in the middle and a place for gardening. Individual Social Security checks will pay for each tenant’s rent, electric, simple medical and personal needs.

This property is in a beautiful, serene environment, suitable for peaceful japa walks and only a 15-minute walk to the Temple.

Basically, we just need to DO this, giving Prabhupada’s elderly disciples an option of some service in Vrndavana during the last phase of their lives instead of struggling alone in the West. We feel certain we can do an international fundraiser for subsidizing the expenses of the building. We pray that this Vrndavana Retirement Home for Prabhupada disciples will manifest sooner than later. Hare Krsna.

Grateful for your consideration and humbly submitted, Mahadevi dasi ISKCON VRNDAVAN Devotee Care Dept. And numerous other Prabhupada disciples from the West.
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