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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Birth, love, holiness – Birth in the Vedic culture

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 / Published in Message Board / 1,944 views

bh. Tibor: Dear devotees!
Receive sincere obeisances!
All glories to ISKCON Gurus!
All glories to SrĂ­la Prabhupada!

The planet’s most ancient Vedic culture and wisdom, many featuring the
Teachings of the scriptures and authentic discipleship chains are also
available through today.
The Vedic scriptures cite any science major, said the births, the true
meaning of birth, circumstances, the power supply is correct, and
education for the higher goals of life is the life surrounding the saint.
The Vedic knowledge is now the families, parents, pregnant women, from
the perspective of pregnant women would like to introduce everyone to
know that the boundless and natural science.

2011 National Week of birth of professional, cultural and informational
Date: May 2, Monday, 15:00 to 21:00, until May 8, Sunday 9:00-19:00
Venue: Hare Krishna Educational and Cultural Center,
Budapest, 1039 , Budapest, Lehel u. 15-17. Free program!

Press conference, breakfast on the Govinda-Buda restaurant.
Date: 27/04/2011
Video extension a few Hungarian words, but very beautiful imagery of the
everyday life of Hungarian Vaishnava community and plans.

Hare Krishna!
bh. Tibor

Jhulan Yatra 2011
2011 GBC Resolutions and Zonal Assignments