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Serpents be Damned! Addressing ISKCON Concerns About My New Kirtan Book

Hari Bol,
pamho. agtsp.
I spoke with a very senior devotee about kirtaniyas outside of iskcon. He observed following points:
1. These kirtaniyas charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend their programs/retreats/seminars etc. and many of them are not sincere spiritual seekers themselves. They are doing this to simply make money. Affluent people who are spending these money are doing that as a fashion or a status symbol. He gave me anology of cheaters and cheated.
On the other hand, iskcon distributes Harinam for free.
2. Some of them are cow-eaters, gamblers, womanizers etc.
3. Indian kirtaniyas like Jagjit Singh, Anoop Jalota may not have pure Bhakti.
Then he adviced me following:
1. There are many good Kirtaniyas in iskcon like Lokanath Maharaj, BB Govind Maharaj, Niranjan Maharaj, Indradyumna Maharaj, Radhanath Maharaj to name a few. One should listen their Bhajans and Kirtans.
2. Do not listen to so called devotional singers from India who are singing for money.
I practice following:
1. Listen to above-mentioned Maharaj’s Bhajans when I am doing some work like cooking, cleaning, ironing my clothes etc.
2. I email iskcon bhajan songs’ links to my friends and just spread the word.
Here are my observations about this topic:
1. we do not allow non-initiated devotees to cook Prasadam for Krsna. We do not allow anybody other than Brahmana to enter sanctum sanctorum in our temples. We generally do not allow Hindu demigods deities in our temples. The same standard can be and should applied to Bhajan and Kirtan in my humble opinion.
2. A rock music practitioner was leading a Kirtan in Prabhupad’s presence and he was doing it in a very Tamasik way, Prabhupad asked him to stop and ask other devotee to replace him.
3. Prabhupad was given many suggestions to increase preaching by lowering standards, but he stood firm. His opinion was “Purity is Force”.
4. We can market our excellent Kirtaniyas to people outside of iskcon. There are various ways, youtube, itune, selling cds etc. Our Kirtaniyas are following 4 regs and chanting 16 rounds and they can beat hands down these money-hungry fake kirtaniyas. This will increase our revenue which can be used to increase our preaching.
Please forgive me if I offended anyone.
Hare Krsna
your servant
aspiring Vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 22.08.2008 @ 02:54

Will you join me to campaign for a safe Vrindavan?

Hare Krsna
pamho. agtsp.
I entirely agree with the objectives of the original poster. I have some different ideas about achieving those.
I am in Indian body and lived there more than half of my life so far.
I gather that some ISKCON Maharaj have friends amongst Indian politicians.
In India bribe(what we call in the US campaign contributions) works very effectively when dealing with politicians.
We can find Krsna-friendly powerful Indian politicians amongst all major political parties and get special laws passed for Vrindavan. Also local chief minister can be influenced with money and other methods.
I personally very much dislike bribing, but that is the only way things can get done in India.
One of Vaishnava Acharyas of yesteryears reportedly instructed disciples to treat a Mughal officer(some Kazi) providing him tobacco and other things he wanted, so that the Math will be in good books of the local government.
We can raise funds for lobbying Indian politicians about this issue.
Also, we need to make aware all our resident Indian devotees about happenings in Vrindavan and they will mobilize some actions.
Indian politicians can also be pressured by local population apart from campaign contributions :-)
Hari Bol
your servant
aspiring Vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 06.06.2008 @ 01:52

Big Houses or Self Suficiency

Hari Bol,
I entirely agree that running a greenhouse will not be cost-effective in cold climate in West Virginia. But then we are talking about dirty energy like oil, regular electricity etc.
We can explore following sustainable energy options.
1. Solar panels
2. Wind turbines.
3. Gobar gas(Bio-gas) plant.
I understand that New Vrindavan has many cloudy days in a year, so we have to use all the above 3 at the same time. We have 20+ cows/bulls in the Goshala, we can run Gobar gas plant to provide electricity for the greenhouse. We can place greenhouse close to Goshala. With using all 3 at the same time, Krishna willing, we can feed electricity back to the grid and actually earn energy credits for the temple.
Where does money come from these options?
Options 1 and 2 are almost free. Many states in the US refund you the cost of Solar panel and Wind turbine installations in the first year itself.
Gobar gas plant will incur some cost of installation and maintenance.
New Vrindavan has earmarks for some projects, Eye surgery for poor people in Vrindavan, India is an example. I donated for that project.
So, the temple management can have earmarks for maintaining a greenhouse.
Where the workers to maintain greenhouse come from?
1. We can involve local devotees
2. We can spread the word out in the Iskcon world and ask for short-term volunteers, train them to work in the greenhouse.
3. we can get devotees from other parts of the world on temporary farm-workers visa.
What are advantages for doing all this?
1. We can attract more western devotees who are eco-friendly. Preaching to westerners was a major mission of Srila Prabhupad.
2. We can use this as a showcase to show Iskcon’s commitment to eco-friendly living.
Hare KruShNa
your servant
aspiring vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 17.05.2008 @ 13:01

We need a new website!

Hari Bol,
pamho. asgtsp.
If anybody is going to start some websites, i can volunteer my computer programming skills and time(about 10 to 20 hours a week).
Please contact me at
Hare KruShNa
your servant
aspiring vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 13.03.2008 @ 20:29

Taking Science on Faith

Hari Bol,
This author has a negative comment about monotheistic religion like Christianity in this article.
Is Gaudiya Vaishnava not a monotheistic religion?
i refrained from forwarding this link to my atheist acquaintances for the fear they will jump on that sentence and put Gauidiya Vaishnava in the same club as other monotheistic religion.
Any comments?
Hare KruShNA
your servant
aspiring Vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 29.11.2007 @ 02:15

Radhanatha das update

Hari Bol,
Radhanath Prabhu’s life story is very inspring. sometimes we see that some devotees when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, panick and stop or reduce chanting. if we follow example of Radhanath Prabhu, we could do better.
i request, some devotee who knew Radhanath Prabhu personally, write a short biography of him and publish that online. we can circulate that thru email and demonstrate devotees and others, how devotional service can be performed in spite of physical challenges and disease.
Hare KruShNA
your servant
aspiring vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 27.10.2007 @ 13:46

Overwork now, samadhi may never come

Hari Bol,
If we are doing some service in temple, we can still engage ourselves in bhakti.
ShravaNam, Kirtanam. ShravaNam is also important and we can listen to MahaMantra bhajan if we are doing some work like washing pots.
when i wash pots or cut vegetables in a temple or my home, i have cd player playing bhajan and i sing Mahamantra along with bhajan.
if somebody is doing accounting or word processing service for a temple, they can play mp3 bhajans in the background. our subconscious mind will be listening. IMHO, this will help in our moment of death.
we can try to find ways to engage ourselves in KruShNa-bhakti all our waking hours.
Hare KruShNA
your servant
aspiring vaishnav

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 25.10.2007 @ 21:44

Ratha-yatra Baghdad

Hari Bol,
i would like to make a small donation to ParthaSarathi Prabhu’s preaching efforts in Iraq. Please post details to send donations. can we setup a paypal account?
Hare KruShNA
your servant

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 26.09.2007 @ 14:10

Hari Bol,
Some devotees had raised some concerns about iskcon’s image in the minds of Iraqui people earlier, when ParthaSarathi Prabhu had declared his plans about Baghdad Rathyatra. Prabhuji explained that this Rathyatra would be only for American soldiers and yatra would happen on an American army base.
Hare KruShNA
your servant

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 23.09.2007 @ 13:28

Hari Bol
Cidanandas Prabhu, i will send you US$50/=, once you reach Iraq and start preaching in the warzone.
Hare KruShNA
your servant

Comment Posted By asprng_vaishnav On 23.09.2007 @ 03:19


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